Although the passenger plane was flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters, in front of the people of Long Bo, it was probably about ten meters above the heads of ordinary humans!
And if a human grabs a handful of stones and throws them at a bird more than ten meters high, what is the chance of hitting it?
Well, no need to calculate the odds.
A piece of gravel with a diameter of more than three meters hit the belly of the passenger plane, a piece of gravel with a diameter of more than two meters hit the left wing, and a piece of gravel with a diameter of more than five meters hit the tail of the aircraft.
With the great strength of Long Bo’s people, even if these rubbles are thrown thousands of meters into the air, they are still quite lethal!
A hole appeared in the belly of the passenger plane with a bang, the left wing was broken, and most of the tail of the plane was exploded.
Despite such injuries, the passenger plane was still barely able to fly, perhaps because the height was high enough and it could not fall down temporarily.
Under the continuous and violent impact of the gravel, the passenger plane could no longer sustain itself. With a bang, it disintegrated directly at high altitude. Fire and fragments fell in all directions, blooming like a beautiful firework.
Seeing this scene, the people of Long Bo roared happily.
By this time, Wei Xiaobei discovered that Long Bo’s people had really become smarter!
In the past, when dealing with aircraft at high altitudes, Long Bo’s people would basically lift up a boulder or something like that and throw it. The hit rate was so low that Wei Xiaobei even blushed for it.
Probably the handful of stones thrown when defending against anti-ship missiles caused many anti-ship missiles to be detonated in advance. Therefore, the people of Longbo have learned to be smart since then, and they use quantity to win when attacking air targets. .
Indeed, the difference in hit rate between a huge boulder and a handful of hundreds of gravels is conceivable.
After knocking down the passenger plane in one fell swoop, Long Bo’s people ignored the fragments falling from high altitude and started swimming toward the United States.
After Long Bo’s people did this, the top leaders of the United States were forced into a desperate situation by Long Bo’s people.
/Not to mention that the passenger plane was a flight of the largest airline in the United States, and at least 99% of the people on board were Americans. It was just that the aircraft carrier formation was heading in the direction of Long Bo’s people. They wanted to avoid it in a short time, but failed. It’s a difficult thing.
Even if the aircraft carrier formation avoids Long Bo’s people, Long Bo’s people will land in the United States if they keep swimming!
what to do?
Should we use strategic satellite weapons or nuclear bombs?
If the people of Long Bo cannot be killed, it goes without saying that there will be trouble later.
“Let’s mobilize the GPS system first, and ask the President for authorization!”