Their biological levels are basically three-star average.

In the gray world of China, monsters with three stars are considered very powerful.
For example, when it comes to fighting with Chi Ji and others, to be honest, even Wei Xiaobei needs to be cautious.
But here, the ghosts and kappas in the gray world of Japan, when they rushed towards Wei Xiaobei, they only stirred up the river water. Their main method of fighting was to rely on hand-to-hand combat, and the river water they drove was basically not much. Lethality.
It can be said that if these kappas were thrown into the gray world of China, a terrifying two-star Dangkang would be able to chase them around and run for their lives!
It should be said that in the Chinese gray world, there are some creatures whose level is not directly proportional to their combat strength, such as the four-star ordinary Lu Shu!
But the problem is, even if Lu Shu is extremely timid, if he is really pushed into a hurry, his strength will not be lower than the bottom line of a four-star ordinary if he tries his best.
To put it simply, Lu Shu’s combat effectiveness is not low, but his courage is too small to show it.
The Japanese ghosts are basically existences whose biological level is higher than their combat strength.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei welcomed this kind of thing.
/If this were not the case, Wei Xiaobei would not have chosen to go to Japan to collect the corpses of ghosts.
Within a few seconds, Wei Xiaobei killed all the kappas in the river.
The corpses of hundreds of kappas were sent directly to Qingmu Paradise by Wei Xiaobei. During this period, Wei Xiaobei also found several kappas with divine attributes.
Of course, this is not surprising. In the history of Japan, the river gods of many rivers were actually kappas. In many places, Japanese people would put food such as sushi into the river on the birthday of the river god to express their gratitude. Pray for good weather.
But just when Wei Xiaobei sent all the kappa corpses to Qingmu Paradise, Wei Xiaobei felt something in his heart and glanced at the calm river.
With just one glance, Wei Xiaobei’s fist hit the river!
There was a loud noise, and the river water rose into the sky. After a moment, the river water fell down, and it rained heavily on the river!
At this time, Wei Xiaobei had returned to the riverside, staring at the surging river surface with bright eyes, but recalling the previous scene in his mind!
Before, Wei Xiaobei saw a person in the river that was clear enough to reflect the gray sky, like a mirror!
A man dressed in black is standing upside down with one hand holding his body up!
Wei Xiaobei saw it very clearly! That’s the scenery reflected on the river!
But the problem is that there is no man in black standing upside down on the river! There is no man in black even under the river!
The man in black only appears in the reflection of the river acting as a mirror!
How is this going?
Is it an illusion?
Wei Xiaobei shook his head. In his own eyes, Wei Xiaobei could easily detect