onk Tang to the west to obtain Buddhist scriptures. When he faced the mortal green ox, he was trapped by the golden hoop with the diamond bracelet, and was in a state of embarrassment.

When he thought that this bracelet was probably a diamond bracelet, Wei Xiaobei felt relieved.
/I saw Qing Niu gently tossing the bracelet, and the bracelet immediately flew high into the sky, spun around a few times, and then fell towards the people of Long Bo.
The people of Long Bo were holding back their strength at this time, trying to break the so-called prison. Wherever they could see the falling bracelets, they felt a little uneasy at most.
Of course, even if the people of Long Bo open their eyes and stare, they may not be able to spot the fallen bracelet.
No way, that bracelet is too small for the people of Long Bo.
It is as difficult for the people of Long Bo to see the bracelet clearly as it is for a human being to see the mites on the body.
Silently, the bracelet fell on the forehead of Long Bo’s people.
With just one tap, the bracelet flew back and was put on Qing Niu’s right wrist.
After being knocked so hard, Long Bo’s people suddenly felt dizzy, their whole body was weak, and their stretched arms and legs also became limp.
“it hurts!”
The people of Long Bo shouted loudly, which caused a strong wind in Qingmu Paradise.
After that, Wei Xiaobei could clearly see that the life breath of Long Bo’s people was quickly dissipating.
Just like that, the people of Long Bo, whose strength even Wei Xiaobei could no longer see clearly, were killed?
Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be a little stunned. If that bracelet was not a diamond bracelet, he would eat the bracelet!
Seeing Wei Xiaobei’s eyes falling on his bracelet, Qing Niu smiled sarcastically, raised his right hand and said with a smile: “Don’t look at it, this thing is my master’s proud work imitating the refining of the diamond bracelet. Even if it is given to you, You can’t control it either.”
Another knockoff?
But having said that, even if it was a knockoff, its power still made Wei Xiaobei jealous.
In just one move, Long Bo’s people were knocked over, which was really terrifying.
However, Wei Xiaobei’s attention was quickly drawn back by the changes in Qingmu Paradise.
At this time, the Aoki Blessed Land can be said to have reached the edge of fragmentation.
The earth is broken, the sky is dim, magma is constantly erupting, and the surroundings are covered with dense space cracks.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was worried again at this moment, fearing that if he were not careful, the Aoki Blessed Land would collapse.
Well, what happened next made Wei Xiaobei feel like a crow’s mouth.
The World Tree works hard to maintain the integrity of the earth, but at this moment, a transparent block falling from the sky is like a messenger of fate, passing through the gaps between the dense leaves of the World Tree, and finally, snap It landed on the ground next to the World Tree with a clatter.
Just like that, the impact force is only a few tons at most.