y low-grade. After eating it, although he filled his stomach, he only regained a little of his physical strength and energy.

But at this time, when Wei Xiaobei was asked to cook, he refused.
I’m too tired, so I might as well take a nap first.
Wei Xiaobei’s courage was far beyond what ordinary humans could compare to.
Twenty thousand ghosts had just died in this ruined Guanmen City. It was full of gloom and the smell of blood and blood was all around. However, Wei Xiaobei was lucky and fell down immediately. He began to snore after a while. .
/At this time, in the village where people were lucky enough to be rescued by Wei Xiaobei, those people had just buried the bodies of their relatives and gathered together to discuss something.
Not long after, the rookies left the village and went to a nearby small rocky mountain. They knocked down some stones from the mountain and carried them back to the village. The old man with a pig tail held tools and surrounded them. The stones were struck.
When the ordinary people saw this scene, they did not have the slightest curiosity. The order they received was to protect the safety of this village. As for other things, as long as they did not endanger the ordinary people themselves, these ordinary people would not pay attention to them. .
Therefore, most of these common people closed their eyes and adjusted their bodies to a sleep state, which could extend their life span. Only two common people focused their attention outside the village to prevent any ghosts from sneaking in.
/Wei Xiaobei didn’t know how long he had been sleeping. It was not until a group of ghosts returned to the city from outside and a fight broke out with the ordinary people that Wei Xiaobei was awakened.
Of course, those ghosts and monsters were quickly slaughtered by ordinary people, leaving only hundreds of scarred rookies.
Wei Xiaobei asked the ordinary people to bring the corpses of the monsters and ghosts over. The corpses of the ghosts were naturally sent to the Aoki Blessed Land by Wei Xiaobei, and these rookies?
Wei Xiaobei tried to let them return to their village on their own, but these rookies didn’t say a word or leave.
Of course, the main reason for this is because they believe that they are harvested blood food. If they dare to go back, they will bring greater disaster to their village.
As for Wei Xiaobei, in their eyes he was just a cunning humanoid ghost!
In this way, Wei Xiaobei is also ready to give up on these rookies. Anyway, all the ghosts here have been killed. If they stay, their safety will be guaranteed for the time being, but if any ghosts come back, Wei Xiaobei will not He was ready to take care of it, and he was ready to leave Guanmen Island and go to Honshu Island to have a look.
As for the other islands, Wei Xiaobei has no thoughts of going there for the time being.
But not long after, another group of ghosts who went out to harvest blood food came back.
If there are ghosts, kill them!
Wei Xiaobei will not show any mercy.
But after killing these ghosts, Wei Xiaob