ring any extra manpower.

After fighting those animated monsters for so long, Wei Xiaobei finally understood that ordinary cultivated creatures really had no advantage at all against those animated monsters.
If you just bring some cannon fodder, you might as well wait until you get to the field before starting cultivation.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei asked the Pu people who stayed on the island to guard the seven dwarfs, while he just took the girl and a few Pu people and set off.
Well, those ordinary people actually brought them with them for the convenience of carrying girls.
/After all, carrying a girl on your shoulders is a bit much.
So a common man made a back bamboo basket out of rattan and let the girl sit on it. This was much better than carrying it on his shoulders.
But having said that, this girl talks a lot. Ever since she left the island, the girl has been asking about Wei Xiaobei’s situation from time to time.
It should be said that this girl’s appearance is not bad. Even in Neros, a country with many beauties, she should be regarded as a first-class beauty.
Blonde, blue-eyed, slim, sweet-looking, and eloquent, she is truly a beauty in the intelligence community.
But the women Wei Xiaobei usually sees are all stunningly beautiful like Tu Qingqing, Zhu Xinyi, etc. Therefore, in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, this girl is much different.
However, this journey was rather boring, and Wei Xiaobei felt much happier with the interpreter beside him.
The only problem is that with Wei Xiaobei’s intelligence attributes, it is really difficult for the girl to extract the situation from Wei Xiaobei’s mouth.
Any words that might reveal too many problems would be realized by Wei Xiaobei’s rapidly turning mind before he could speak out, and would then be strangled.
On the contrary, during the chat between the two, Wei Xiaobei relied on the affinity brought by his extremely high charm to find out everything about this girl.
Of course, this also shows how weak the intelligence agency of the Neros State is. Even the daughters of congressmen can go in for gold plating. From this perspective, the intelligence agency of the Neros State is relatively safe.
If it wasn’t safe, I guess the congressman wouldn’t be willing to let his precious daughter in.
Metz is this girl’s name.
As for more situations, it is of no use to Wei Xiaobei.
/Fairytale Port soon arrived.
Seeing the miserable appearance of Fairytale Port at this time, Mace, who had already known something about it from Jerry, opened his mouth wide.
It’s so shocking!
As the only port city in Neros, Metz has naturally been here before.
In Metz’s impression, this fairytale port is undoubtedly busy.
Ships dock at the port almost every moment, and dock workers use tall gantry cranes to place or lift containers one by one on the ship. The entire city is in a busy state.
To be honest, this busy state is not comfortable in Metz’s eyes, and is even a bit disgusting.
But now, most of the buildings in this city have turned into a melted solid state, with a layer of smooth