the time.

Of course, Wei Xiaobei feels that this ability still needs material support. If there is no food to ensure the energy supply in the body, then this ability will probably be greatly reduced.
In addition, this ability not only increases the speed of endurance recovery, but also increases the speed of eliminating physical and mental fatigue.
From Wei Xiaobei’s point of view, this also means that he has reduced the CD time to enter the gray world, and can maintain Qi refining for a longer period of time, thus opening more acupuncture points in the same time period.
In fact, after possessing this ability, Wei Xiaobei could already feel the difference.
/Very good, Wei Xiaobei was very satisfied, but immediately after looking at the attribute panel from top to bottom, he couldn’t help but feel a little dazed.
Unknowingly, his biological level changed.
Creature level: 2 stars (If any main attribute exceeds 20, the creature level is raised to level 2, and the characteristic primary shock is obtained.)
There is no doubt that when Wei Xiaobei’s main physical attribute exceeds 20, the creature’s level will increase.
Wei Xiaobei has not paid attention to this biological level for a long time, but this time it gave Wei Xiaobei a small surprise.
Gain the trait Primary Shock.
Wei Xiaobei has discovered the position of primary shock under special abilities. There will be a more specific introduction later (when encountering similar creatures with a biological level lower than 2 stars, the opponent will have negative emotions such as fear, awe, panic, etc. , thus leading to effects such as fear, flight, worship, etc.)
Well, this so-called feature is quite good. Although it can only be used against the same kind, that is, humans, it is still an additional gain.
Use the feature when and see how it works.
Wei Xiaobei was happy for a while, but faced with the remaining 436 evolution points, he had to fall into deep thought.
The best way to instantly increase your combat power is to invest evolution points in any of the three branch attributes of hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and reaction. If these three branch attributes have reached 16 points, you can Increase it to 20 points in an instant, thereby gaining a new ability.
The problem is that what Wei Xiaobei wants to invest most in evolution right now is the branch attributes below perception, of which intuition is the most important.
The importance of being able to give early warning and discover enemies in the gray world is self-evident.
But here comes the problem, intuition only has 14 points, and investing 436 evolution points cannot increase intuition to 20 points.
This is where Wei Xiaobei hesitates.
After all, there are still too few evolution points.
Wei Xiaobei sighed softly, and finally put the evolution point into his intuition.
Although intuition cannot be improved to 20 at once, as long as it is improved, the sensitivity of intuition will increase and it will be able to predict dangers more accurately in advance.
After the evolution point