flames, giving people a rather terrifying feeling.

The fire dragon wrapped around the giant black mushroom kept swimming, consuming as much of the black mist as possible on the giant black mushroom.
There is no doubt that Wei Xiaobei can see that the real strength of the giant black mushroom is not just that, the black mist emitting is undoubtedly a part of its body.
The wider the black mist spreads, the stronger the black giant mushroom becomes.
Unfortunately, this fire dragon transformed from the dragon fire arrow destroyed the process of the black giant mushroom increasing its strength.
A large amount of black smoke rolled back and hit the fire dragon, and was consumed by the rising flames.
The black mist emerging from the giant black mushroom also collided with the returning black smoke from both inside and outside, consuming the fire dragon’s flames.
This is completely a game to see who can persist until the end.
However, Wei Xiaobei, who was suspended high in the sky at this time, knew that the fire dragon transformed from the dragon fire arrow might not be able to last long under the erosion of the black mist.
The Dragon Fire Arrow can be used a total of 20 times, and Wei Xiaobei has used it several times before.
This time it was transformed into a fire dragon, and its continued existence was also consuming the number of times it was used.
To put it simply, judging from the current level of consumption, this fire dragon will not exist for more than half an hour!
In other words, Wei Xiaobei must regain his fighting strength within this half hour and attack the giant black mushroom before it breaks free or kills the fire dragon. Otherwise, Wei Xiaobei will have no choice but to escape.
The muscles, connective tissue and even blood vessels in Wei Xiaobei’s body are recovering quickly. Of course, the shock caused by stretching the ink bow before was too violent, which makes recovery troublesome.
As time passed, the fire dragon had shrunk from the thickness of its arm to less than three fingers. As it flew around the giant black mushroom, the firelight on its body became much dimmer.
Finally, most of Wei Xiaobei’s injuries had recovered. Not to mention anything else, at least the muscles, blood vessels and even ligaments on his body had recovered. As for some of the skin that had not yet been covered, Wei Xiaobei didn’t pay much attention to it at this time. .
Name: Black Mushroom King.
Race: animated creature.
Gender: None.
/Creature level: four-star terror.
Introduction: This Black Mushroom King is a terrifying monster refined by Little Red Riding Hood through black witchcraft to collect mushroom essence. It obeys Little Red Riding Hood’s orders and hunts down Little Red Riding Hood’s enemies without stopping, because it is refined by black witchcraft. Made of, possessing the strengths and weaknesses of both animated creatures and magical creatures
Weaknesses: Flame, high temperature, positive energy.
Attributes: (omitted)
Skills: Jumping, charging, stabbing.
Special abilities: violent im