round, he saw a black cat lying on a guardrail by the road, looking at him with a leisurely look.

After checking the electromagnetic field again, Wei Xiaobei confirmed that the black cat had no reaction at all in the electromagnetic field, which meant that the black cat was invisible in the electromagnetic field.
Fortunately, the heavenly senses could detect any eyes on him. Otherwise, Wei Xiaobei would never have noticed the black cat.
Of course, at this time, Wei Xiaobei also recalled that in the cartoon “Ghost Mother”, after Catherine entered the world of Ghost Mother, a black cat warned her, but at that time, Catherine did not believe the black cat at all. Discourse.
In the words of a black cat, it is a creature that can freely shuttle between the ghost mother’s world and reality, but if the ghost mother discovers it, the kitten may be caught.
Well, this black cat should be the black cat in the cartoon.
However, Wei Xiaobei didn’t think he needed the black cat’s help, and the black cat’s help was to remind the protagonist to find help from friends, or to leave here.
Very useless help.
But at this moment, Wei Xiaobei thought of something. This black cat should know the whereabouts of Sally’s family. After all, in cartoons, this black cat’s identity is equivalent to a prophet.
No fighting ability, but knows a lot of things.
“Kitten, do you know the whereabouts of Sally’s family?”
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei did not waste too much time. You must know that it has been a long time since he came out. According to the urgency of the ghost mother, she might ask him to sew his eyes shut with buttons when he returns to the living room!
Of course, it was impossible for Wei Xiaobei to agree to this request, so when he returned to the living room, there would definitely be a fierce fight.
Then it would be more urgent to find Sally’s family.
When Wei Xiaobei asked, the black cat seemed a little stunned, probably because Wei Xiaobei didn’t play his cards according to the cards.
/“I know, but I can’t tell you”
/What the black cat said did not surprise Wei Xiaobei. In the cartoon, when the protagonist asked for help, it said the same thing. Anyway, if I tell you or help you, I will be discovered by the ghost mother.
Of course, the black cat saved the protagonist once in the end, but was crushed to death by the ghost mother.
“Tell me or you die now!”
What made the black cat unresponsive was that Wei Xiaobei stretched out his right hand and grabbed it by the neck. Then a trace of electricity rushed over, causing the black cat’s body to lose the chance to move.
Although this black cat is regarded as a righteous party in the cartoon, Wei Xiaobei does not have that much time to wait and see. After settling the matter here, he still has to find a place to absorb the nuclear warhead.
After all, after Wei Xiaobei violently removed the nuclear warhead from the missile, there seemed to be some problems. Although it should be safe in the storage ring, and there were originally several keys to prevent it from detonating