out of the port in an instant and chased the dozen or so people.

From a distance, the flood looks strange and colorful.
But in Wei Xiaobei’s eyes, that was not the case. The flood was entirely made up of countless mushrooms, and they rushed over one after another, regardless of how many of their compatriots were above or below, or whether they could move forward.
Some ran, some walked, and some even simply rolled away holding their heads.
The densely packed small mushrooms with limbs formed a flood and rushed towards them. An ordinary human would be frightened to death.
/But Wei Xiaobei didn’t feel the slightest bit afraid. He scanned the mushrooms with his celestial sense and found that there was no strong person hidden in the torrent of mushrooms.
This made Wei Xiaobei feel relieved immediately. He took out the big ink gun, turned it into a big bow, took out three flaming arrows from the storage ring and placed them on the bowstring.
There was a sound of piercing the air, and the three arrows immediately turned into three rays of fire and flew out. Less than ten meters away, the fire turned into three fire dragons, and flew towards the mushrooms with their teeth and claws.
Boom boom boom!
The fire dragon, which was about ten meters long, crashed into the flood of mushrooms. After that, its body made of flames stirred back and forth in the flood, and finally exploded.
The stirring of these three fire dragons and the final explosion stopped the mushroom flood in an instant.
The extremely hot fire burned tens of thousands of mushrooms into black juice in an instant, and the smell of burning film mixed with black smoke spread along the wind.
At the same time, the black juice also started a fire and burned.
Fight with me?
Wei Xiaobei is not afraid of these mushrooms. The strength of these mushrooms is extremely low. Even an ordinary human can kill hundreds of them with a shovel in one breath.
After receiving the mushrooms captured by the common people, Wei Xiaobei put the screaming little guys directly into a bag, tied the opening tightly, and flicked the mushrooms a few times to knock them out.
At this time, under Wei Xiaobei’s order, all the ordinary people had already rushed towards them, and they kept pointing at the mushrooms with the big blades in their hands.
A single blow with the blade can kill more than a dozen mushrooms.
A perfect crushing force!
For a moment, the burning fire and hundreds of ordinary people worked together, shockingly blocking the torrent of mushrooms.
Seeing that the situation was under his control, Wei Xiaobei simply took out a mushroom from his pocket. Several strands of meat popped out of the palm of his left hand and plunged into the mushroom’s body in an instant.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei was really curious about these mushrooms.
Let’s just say they are virtual animated characters. They are soft when held in your hand, and they feel no essential difference from other creatures.
But just by looking at their animated appearance, you can tell that they are c