l and repeat the previous scene.

This time, Wei Xiaobei felt that he performed well, but he was a little lax when finalizing the storage space, which resulted in the experiment failing again.
Of course, this also involves four mental examinations and calculations of the entire process of the previous two tests. As long as there are no more accidents in the future, Wei Xiaobei can guarantee success.
But at this time, a problem arose. Two fist rings were destroyed in two tests, which meant that Wei Xiaobei had no storage magic weapon for testing.
Well, although Wei Xiaobei was able to refine a batch of fist rings for testing purposes, after thinking about it, Wei Xiaobei still summoned the core disciples and collected the fist rings in their hands. Once the promise is made, Better storage magic weapons will be redeemed to them according to the most favorable points.
Well, one thing that needs to be explained is that the contribution points system of Weijiadao is also valid at Cuihu City Security Base. Ten points can be exchanged for a fine dish, fifty points can be exchanged for a refined weapon, etc.
Anyway, under this contribution point system, most things can be exchanged for these contribution points.
Of course, most of the things that can be exchanged for contributing points are made by Wei Xiaobei, including food, weapons, armor and even potions.
For Wei Xiaobei, these things are just training works or very ordinary things, but after they are transferred to the hands of those core disciples through the contribution point system, they will undoubtedly be able to greatly increase the survival rate of these core disciples in the gray world. .
This can be considered waste utilization.
It is precisely because of this that these core disciples reluctantly handed over the fist ring.
Well, even Wei Xiaobei himself felt quite embarrassed.
/I had just rewarded the things because I was happy, but just now, I shamelessly took them back.
Well, no matter how thick-skinned I am, I would probably not be embarrassed by such a thing.
However, the core disciples did not express dissatisfaction after receiving the promise.
/After all, the fist ring looked good, but after using it for a period of time, they found that the storage space of this thing was too small, and it was only equivalent to an extra small cloth bag, and it was not very useful.
Anyway, Wei Xiaobei shamelessly recovered a total of more than forty fist rings, which should be enough for testing.
Wei Xiaobei conducted this experiment extremely cautiously from beginning to end, and finally succeeded in expanding the storage space in the fist ring.
Of course, after the successful experiment, Wei Xiaobei also discovered that he seemed to be a little too cautious, so that the storage space in the fist ring only expanded to one hundred cubic decimeters.
According to Wei Xiaobei’s previous calculations, after the fist ring is successfully expanded, its space cannot be only one hundred cubic decimeters.
Thinking back, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but sigh. When