ple, titanium, silver, copper, etc.

However, this metal ingot has extremely good thermal conductivity and amplifies the passage of Gang Qi. In other words, the Gang Qi guided by Wei Xiaobei from the body can be radiated outward through this metal ingot, and at the same time, the Gang Qi that is emitted is emitted. Gang Qi has been strengthened to a certain extent.
With a soft sound, the big knife in Wei Xiaobei’s hand was slashed out, and then the Gang Qi covering it came out of the knife, splitting an iron pillar fifty meters away in half in the blink of an eye.
After carefully examining the iron pillar, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but be a little surprised.
The cross-section of the iron pillar was extremely smooth, as if it were bored out on a boring machine, and the hair on Wei Xiaobei’s face could even be clearly seen.
It has to be said that this kind of metal ingot can be regarded as a treasure.
Well, before the evolution of the White Mist Dragon Spear is completed, this sword can be used reluctantly.
Name: Black Silver Sword (Treasure)
Introduction: This weapon was made by Wei Xiaobei using the Dragon Fire Cauldron, using black silver, crystal iron, mithril, etc. as the main materials, supplemented by black blood, golden boar hair, and dragon dung stone.
Effect 1: Strong, this weapon is quite strong and cannot be destroyed by weapons below the level of Immortal.
Effect 2: Sharp, this weapon is quite sharp and has the effect of weakening the opponent’s defense when it hits the enemy.
Effect three: Special radiation. When the weapon creates a wound on the enemy, the special radiation of the black blood can activate the wound, making it difficult to heal.
Effect 4: Speed. When this weapon activates this effect, the cutting speed will be doubled. It will not be affected by air resistance, and the liquid resistance will be halved.
Effect 5: Excellent guidance. This weapon has excellent guidance for any special energy and has a weak amplification effect.
/Effect 6: Heat. This weapon can instantly increase its own temperature to 1500 degrees when it hits an enemy.
Well, just judging from the effect of this black silver sword, this treasure-quality weapon is already very powerful.
As for the reason why Mao forged this weapon into a broadsword, even Zhu Xinyi didn’t know.
This is probably related to something Zhao Yun once said.
But having said that, when refining this broadsword, Wei Xiaobei once wanted to take a bit from Loki’s finger and refine it, but in the end he gave up the plan after thinking about it.
It should be said that Loki’s fingers are too perverted to deal with the special radiation effects around them. If it is added to the sword and there are people around, the sword will basically not be dared to be used. Otherwise, the enemy will not be killed successfully. It would be inappropriate to hurt one of your own.
After the sword was refined, Wei Xiaobei dedicated a few days to help the core disciples refine the equipment.
Of course, this also depends on contribution.
The core dis