st one, eternal youth, stunning beauty, are you sure this is not a beauty pill, a beauty pill, etc.?

As for this effect, Wei Xiaobei feels that as long as the charm attribute is improved and he drinks some fountain of youth water, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Overall, Wei Xiaobei felt a little disappointed. This Lingbao was probably the worst among the Lingbao.
It’s like the kind of fairy food that only increases a certain attribute by 1 to 2 points.
Of course, although Wei Xiaobei was a little disappointed, he did not behave like a prodigal and threw away this thing. Instead, he put the abalone and shark fin stew into a storage ring, preparing to show it to Ao Yan later.
As for the last Hydra, Wei Xiaobei made a snake meat stew, a soup that didn’t require much skill.
Hydra’s small amount of meat disappeared after being thrown into the enlarged dragon scale pot. But even so, Wei Xiaobei still filled the dragon scale pot to more than half the pot of water, and then added various ingredients.
Turnips, carrots, fire crow eggs, etc. In short, plus the meat of the Hydra, there are a total of eighteen ingredients, so this dish also has a name.
It’s called snake meat stew!
To be honest, in terms of volume, this snake meat is really lacking.
But this is also a helpless matter. There are too few edible parts of the Hydra.
After removing the smelly snake skin and the hard and slightly greasy snake bones, there is not much left, not even enough to stir-fry a plate of vegetables.
So it’s better to use it to stew soup, and you can get more weight.
When the snake meat came out of the stew, it was fragrant, but it made Wei Xiaobei feel happy and depressed at the same time.
I was delighted that this pot of stewed snake meat had a lot of ingredients, and you could tell by the smell that it was all delicious.
The depressing thing is that if I had known that Hydra’s snake meat was so effective, I should have made it into a separate dish. Maybe there would be another Lingbao dish.
/Of course, for something like this, it’s too late to regret it.
There are hundreds of portions of 18 pieces of snake meat stewed in a large pot. It is an immortal product. Its effect is that it can remove toxins and silt, has a very good healing effect, and can increase all attributes by 3 points!
This is also a very low number.
Therefore, when Wei Xiaobei found the sleeping Ao Yan and took out the stewed snake meat, he thought about it and left a lot for his disciples.
Who would have thought that Ao Yan, who was woken up by Wei Xiaobei, didn’t even pay attention to this snake meat stew. He sniffed Wei Xiaobei with his big nose and shouted: “Okay! Xiaobei , you will be eating alone now!”
/Wei Xiaobei naturally knew what Ao Yan wanted, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly as he took out the stewed abalone and shark’s fin from the storage ring.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei still felt a little confused. This abalone and shark fin stew was a spiritual treasure. He had also smelled it, but it had no smell at all.
Wei Xiaobei was still very confi