from Tu Qingqing before, so he paid more attention to the situation in the gray world in the United States.

Regarding Wei Xiaobei’s inquiry, Mullens did not dare to reserve a word.
Not to mention that his will has been completely destroyed now, but when Wei Xiaobei stood in front of him, he looked like an ordinary person.
But Mullens’ unique sniper talent allowed him to feel the power hidden in Wei Xiaobei’s body. What kind of power was that!
It almost made Mullens suffocate. Mullens felt that the person standing in front of him was not a human being, but a giant monster that came out of the wilderness!
Every word Wei Xiaobei said made his whole body tremble.
how so!
too strong!
Mullens was completely unable to control his fear and could only tell everything he knew.
So that was it. After Wei Xiaobei heard what Mullens knew about the American gray world, he couldn’t help but sigh.
The gray world in the United States is actually a little different from the gray world in China.
To put it simply, in Wei Xiaobei’s impression, the gray world in China is everywhere, and the gray world in every place is connected.
For example, in the gray world of Cuihu City, the desert formed by Ao Yan, Cuihu, Cuihu University and other places are all within the same spatial range and connected together.
This feels like playing a game. After the same account has entered a game and created a character, it is impossible to use the character information in this account to enter another game.
At the same time, there is a rather special feature in the gray world in the United States.
That is the division of professions.
For example, the Mullens in front of him is a veteran of the gray world of the Civil War, and his profession is a sniper.
In addition to snipers, in the gray world of the Civil War, there are also occupations such as artillery, logistics troops, etc.
/And the occupational divisions in each gray world are also somewhat different.
For example, in the gray world of the Civil War, the professions are roughly divided into musketeers, artillerymen, machine gunners, and nurses, while snipers are the advanced professions of musketeers.
In the gray world of the American Revolutionary War, there were no machine gunners and nurses, only musketeers and artillery, and there were no advanced professions such as snipers.
In short, this occupational division is a major feature of the American gray world.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei never thought that the gray world in the United States would be like this.
Wei Xiaobei had been to the United States before, but it was just a transit trip. Due to time constraints, he did not enter the gray world of the United States.
It must be said that from a certain perspective, the gray world in the United States is more suitable for cultivating the army. After all, its professional classification has already bound those who have experienced the gray world within it.
The gray worlds of China and the United States each have their own characteristics.
The American Gray World is undoubtedly