experienced this many times.

He collected the phoenix egg shell and then used his heavenly senses to look around. There was nothing good there.
However, before leaving, Wei Xiaobei still asked about the whereabouts of the flame birds.
Perhaps still angry with Wei Xiaobei, the flaming bird ignored Wei Xiaobei at all, turned around and pointed its tail at Wei Xiaobei.
/Well, anyway, Wei Xiaobei’s mission in this cave is over.
With his wings spread, Wei Xiaobei rose into the air and headed towards the top of the cave.
When Wei Xiaobei arrived at the entrance of the cave, Tu Qingqing arrived at the entrance.
Undoubtedly, that cry attracted Tu Qingqing.
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei was fine, Tu Qingqing’s worried heart immediately relaxed and he breathed a sigh of relief. But immediately after, Tu Qingqing’s eyes fell on Wei Xiaobei’s shoulder.
“What are you looking at! What an ugly woman!”
Hearing that the fiery red bird dared to yell at his wife and speak rudely, Wei Xiaobei frowned. He didn’t know what kind of gunpowder the little bird had eaten, so he reached out to catch the little bird and repair it. , Wei Xiaobei has no control over whether it is a Phoenix or not.
But Tu Qingqing was not angry at all, and stopped Wei Xiaobei’s move. Instead, she saluted the fiery red bird: “Tu Shan has met Master Huo Huang.”
There is no doubt that Tu Qingqing is not as ignorant as Wei Xiaobei, and he immediately recognized the identity of this little bird.
Among the Qingqiu lineage, women like Tu Qingqing who have grown nine tails and are no longer among the demon foxes all call themselves Tu Shan clan.
This claim is no joke. From a certain point of view, being able to claim such a claim is equivalent to being able to represent the Qingqiu lineage.
This was the answer that Wei Xiaobei got after asking with some confusion.
Tu Qingqing treated him with courtesy. The flaming bird, or the so-called Fire Phoenix, was not as rude as before. He turned his little head and looked at Tu Qingqing, and nodded: “Sure enough, he is from the Qingqiu lineage. , I have some connection with the Tushan clan, but I was rude before, I wonder what happened to the Qingqiu lineage?”
Well, after listening to the conversation between his wife and this little bird, Wei Xiaobei suddenly felt a little spartan. How should I put it, he felt a little uncomfortable all over his body, with goosebumps surging like crazy.
Just imagine it.
A little bird, who was naughty and mischievous before, suddenly said some old-fashioned words and claimed to be his own self.
Wei Xiaobei really had the illusion that he wanted to hang himself.
“The Qingqiu lineage wants to ask you for a tail feather, but how much will it cost?”
The conversation that drove Wei Xiaobei almost crazy was still going on.
“The price is that you divorce her, hehe.”
The words that the flaming bird suddenly appeared made Wei Xiaobei really crazy!
I would rather kill thousands of people than break up one marriage! Do you know?
How dare he ask his dear wife to divorce him!
It is un