Unparalleled combat power is like a sharp sword. It can stab the enemy when used, and it can also hurt yourself if you are not careful.
“Sit down!” Marshal Andre waved his hand.
David thanked him and sat down. Adjutant Jekyll gave him tea and then left.
“David, this conversation is not a formal conversation. I want to ask you what you think?” Marshal Andre pondered for a moment and said.
“Generalissimo, please speak!” David looked at Generalissimo Andre and said with a smile.
He knew that his actions worried Generalissimo Andre, and that the strength he showed would make anyone in power uneasy.
In a world like the Federation, where the highest combat power is extraordinary, one powerful being who can easily destroy many extraordinary beings and ignore super consortiums will be a nightmare for anyone in power.
/If David hadn’t had a close relationship with Generalissimo Andre, David believed that the military would have taken action against him.
This conversation may be a heart-to-heart in this regard, and David is also ready to express some of his thoughts to Generalissimo Andre.
“Do you want to lead an army, or be my special representative to the front line?” Marshal Andre asked aloud.
Marshal Andre’s question is actually about David’s choice. Choosing to lead an army shows that David has strong ambitions in the military. Choosing to become a special representative means giving up power and becoming a single military force.
With David’s current influence, once he takes control of an army, he will soon become one of the giants of the military, and will inevitably fall into a power struggle.
But Generalissimo Andre was most afraid of this situation. With David’s acting style, the power struggle in the army would directly escalate, causing a large number of deaths.
Looking at the way David treated his enemies, Generalissimo Andrei did not want this phenomenon to appear in the army.
“I hope to go to the front line as a special representative and continue to be in seclusion after the war. I don’t have the power of the military, I just want to improve my own strength!” David replied without hesitation.
“I agree with your wishes. You will go to the Guarding Star as a commissioner of the Federal Command. But remember, I am not sending you to the Guarding Star to make you fight. Your role is to inspire the morale of the army and be effective in close combat. The knights from the big world are here, so there is no need for you!” Marshal Andre felt relieved and said with a smile.
David’s identity bracelet has the additional position of Commissioner of the Federal Command. He will represent the Federal Command to the front lines of the Divine Great World to guard the star for a three-month battle.
According to the regulations of the federal military, combat troops will take turns to rest for three months if conditions permit. This arrangement by the federal command is also in line with the regulations of the federal military.
Of course, considering that David had just ended a long retreat, Generali