h you. The other shore will destroy my dragon clan and destroy the three realms. Today is the time for me to rush to the other shore and take revenge!”

Xu Ying asked: “How do you take revenge?”
The distant ancestor Dalong said: “I will go to the other side with you, and use the new Dao patterns and spiritual patterns to destroy the sentient beings on the other side, destroy their immortality, exterminate their heaven and earth avenue, and let them fall into Dao ashes!”
Xu Ying said: “The new Taoist patterns and spiritual patterns are probably unable to deal with the immortality on the other side. As for the Taoist master, it is no problem to deal with the new Daoist patterns and spiritual patterns. Dao patterns and spiritual patterns alone cannot destroy the other side.”
The distant ancestor Dalong said: “I just want to kill for fun!”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “The people on the other side have been killed by you. Immortal and Taoist Master can still choose new people from all the worlds to enter the other side. The other side will not be destroyed. If you want to defeat the other side, this method will not work.”
The distant ancestor rolled his eyes and said: “Then, I will go with you, as long as I don’t kill too much.”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “If you can make one move in front of me, I will take you there.”
When the distant ancestor heard this, he roared, his dragon roar vibrated, he stretched out his dragon claws, and used all his power to catch Xu Ying!
The place covered by this claw is really boundless time and space, and it is completely under control. There is a strong momentum that the entire starry sky of the Three Realms Universe will fall into its palm!
However, before this claw could reach the Cuiyan Building and Ship, it suddenly collapsed and collapsed, its power was silent, and its power was no longer what it once was.
The distant ancestor looked up and suddenly felt that Xu Ying’s body was extremely majestic, and the sea of ??chaos seemed to be connected behind him, making any of his magical powers completely useless!
“The distant ancestors practiced the two avenues of time and space, but it is still difficult to break through the chaos.”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “You can’t make a single move, so you can retreat.”
/The old man who had transformed from a distant ancestor into a dragon-headed body pointed at the Ancestral God on the boat and shouted: “Why can this old Ancestral God go, but I can’t? I can fight ten Ancestral Gods now!”
The ancestor god was furious and stammered: “Old Long, I thought we were old friends for many years, close friends in life and death, but you actually said that to me?”
/Xu Ying sneered and said: “When the ancestor god reaches the other side, he will be a hundred times more powerful than you and far more useful than you! Ancestor, go back and practice hard, don’t make any mistakes!”
The ancestor left angrily.
Behind this cloud were Emperor Ming Dao and Emperor Ming Xun. Seeing this situation, they naturally did not dare to take action against Xu Yin