le to reach this level in ten or twenty years.

As long as Wei Xiaobei was willing, it would be easy to mass-produce a batch of martial arts masters.
The only trouble is that each time you create a martial arts master, you need 2,000 evolution points.
Of course, 2000 evolution points can be exchanged for a martial arts master, which is naturally a very cost-effective thing.
But the problem is that this will not help Wei Xiaobei’s own strength at all, but will drag him down. After all, 2000 evolution points can increase Wei Xiaobei’s attributes.
In this way, Wei Xiaobei gave up the idea of ??mass-producing martial arts masters.
The most I can do is teach it to Huang Kun. After that, it depends on the situation.
Wei Xiaobei looked at the attribute panel and found that the evolution points had now shrunk to 3894 points.
Not long after the sacrifice, even if Wei Xiaobei wanted to sacrifice again, it was impossible.
Well, first improve the carving skill, and then invest the remaining evolution points into muscle attributes.
Although investing evolution points into attributes is a relatively inefficient way of using it, in many cases, this attribute can determine the strength of Wei Xiaobei’s combat effectiveness, and it is also the basis for the development of other combat skills!
After finding a temporary parking spot, Wei Xiaobei stopped the off-road vehicle, closed the window, and focused on the carving.
The realm of carving skills is currently mastered. After consuming 1,500 evolution points, Wei Xiaobei upgraded the carving skill by two levels in a row, bringing it to the pinnacle.
Wei Xiaobei had no intention of promoting him to an unfathomable level all at once.
After all, it is still unknown whether this carving skill will help him learn the blacksmithing technique of ghosts.
/Raising to the top is enough for the time being.
After that, Wei Xiaobei temporarily ignored some of the things brought about by improving his sculpting skills, and instead focused on the muscle attributes.
With concentration, the muscle attributes begin to beat at a speed of 0.01, and evolution points consume 4 points each time.
44.11, 44.12, 44.13
After the attributes are increased to 40 points, the improvement speed becomes slow.
At this time, it takes about three seconds for each muscle attribute to beat.
And every three seconds, the muscles on Wei Xiaobei’s body would squirm.
If Wei Xiaobei’s muscle cells were observed with an electron microscope, it would be found that the muscle cells, which were originally very small, began to change little by little and become more energetic.
After improving his muscle attributes to 50 points, Wei Xiaobei breathed out a sigh of relief.
Before the muscle attribute reaches 60 points, the muscles will not melt and reorganize, but even so, a slight strengthening of the muscles will bring severe tearing pain.
This reason is very simple, not to mention whether normal humans can achieve this level of muscle. Every 0.01 beat of muscle attributes means that for ordinary people, it take