ing in a short time, even the roots of the tree could only be pulled out less than half. As for the thirty or forty-meter trees guarding it, Jing is not very fast either. He has just pulled out the roots of the tree and is crawling slowly.

But the next moment, Wei Xiaobei saw an extremely horrifying scene.
Boom boom!
/A huge leg suddenly fell down from the clouds and went straight towards the big tree spirit.
It’s not much different from human feet, but it’s just too big. The huge hairs on the legs alone, well, they should be hairs. The hairs alone are more than ten meters long, and the thickest ones are like telephone poles. The smallest ones are as thick as a thigh.
/As for some foreign objects that fell from his legs due to vibration from time to time, they were also the size of a human body, but due to the distance, it was difficult to see those foreign objects clearly.
The big tree spirit, shrouded in the shadow of the giant legs and feet, seemed to understand that the danger was coming.
There was a loud bang, and countless tree roots that had been pulled out of the ground or were still buried in the ground shot straight into the air, like a dense forest of guns.
Wei Xiaobei knew how tough the tree spirit’s roots were. If they were stabbed so densely, not to mention the human body, even an armored vehicle might be turned into a hornet’s nest.
The giant leg fell extremely fast, and the tree root stabbed upwards at the same speed. In the blink of an eye, the two collided with each other, making a sharp and harsh sound, like the sound of steel rubbing against each other rapidly.
But the tree roots are just tree roots after all. No matter in terms of impact or mutual strength, they cannot be compared with the giant leg. After a blink of an eye, the giant leg continued to fall, and the tree roots that pierced upward were under the heavy pressure of the giant leg’s feet. Down, they broke one after another.
However, the big tree spirit could not give in so easily. At this critical moment, more tree roots, like snakes, bypassed the hard-as-iron feet and stabbed towards the insteps, heels and other more vulnerable parts. Go down.
But the defensive power of this giant leg was completely beyond the imagination of the big tree spirit. Thousands of tree roots continued to stab down, leaving only a series of sparks on its instep.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei’s mouth opened wide. It was so powerful!
This huge leg that towers over the big tree spirit is as if it is made of an indestructible alloy.
Seeing that the feet landed on the head of the big tree spirit, the big tree spirit suddenly made a series of strange and profound sounds. As these sounds sounded, a layer of green light penetrated from the body of the big tree spirit. For a moment, All of them were attached to the strongest tree root, and this tree root was like a poisonous snake ready to attack. It circled the foot in an instant, like a green strip of light, viciously piercing the exposed instep. On top of a cyan blood vessel.