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Therefore, the Blue Crab Demon King should just stay on his own territory.
Hearing what Wei Xiaobei said, the Blue Crab Demon King couldn’t help but feel happy. He was a war fighter. Hearing that Wei Xiaobei would start a war with other demon kings, the two giant claws started to wave: “Your Majesty, Let’s fight Xiaobei Demon King first? That guy is very arrogant because of his thick shell.”
Next, the blue crab demon king chatted for a while, and introduced the situation of the little shell demon king clearly.
There is no doubt that Blue Crab, who is also the Demon King, knows far more about the situation of the Xiaobei Demon King than the Shrimp Demon.
/Indeed, in this sea area, the little shell demon king occupies the largest territory.
The reason is very simple, they are the strongest.
Those shell monsters are born with extremely thick shells, which even the crab monsters cannot compare with, and they are good at illusions. Every time a conflict breaks out with the nearest blue crab tribe, they can play with the crab monsters on the palm of their hands.
If the fighting power of those shell demons were not relatively weak, I am afraid that the Blue Crab tribe would have been wiped out long ago.
Wei Xiaobei nodded and did not send troops immediately. Instead, he asked the Blue Crab Demon King to return to his own territory and wait for news.
The blue crab demon king didn’t dare to say anything and left with the giant crabs.
Wei Xiaobei turned his attention back to those three places.
A whole day has passed since Shrimp Three first laid eggs.
Wei Xiaobei glanced at the reef bunker where the egg belts were piled, and through the gaps between the rocks, he noticed something.
The ice that formed the egg belt is breaking up.
To be precise, it is the first egg belt produced.
Not long after, finger-sized juvenile shrimps emerged from the ice fragments. Their bodies were translucent light blue and densely packed. From a distance, they looked like swarms of blue mosquitoes flying in the air.
After they emerged, they turned around and pounced on the ice fragments, devouring them.
After the ice fragments were swallowed up, these young shrimps gathered in groups and swam out along the cracks in the reef. They began to sweep around the reef with the third shrimp as the center.
That’s right, it’s a sweep.
There are more than 100,000 young shrimps, densely packed and moving forward in a spiral. Whatever they pass by, whether it is kelp, seaweed, small fish or shrimp, as long as they are hit by them, they will swarm up, like locusts, gnawing clean.
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei felt like his scalp was going crazy.
No way, Wei Xiaobei has some kind of trypophobia.
There was even a big fish that was more than one meter long, thinking that these young shrimps were food, so it rushed over aggressively, rushed into the shrimp group, and swallowed more than twenty young shrimps in one bite.
But the next moment, the big fish was attacked by the young shrimps. Countless young shrimps pounced on