emporarily transformed. The bugs have a special ability to transform life!” Bishop McKinley said helplessly.

The believers of the evil god wanted to fight against the “Light Magic”. After tens of thousands of years of trouble that could not be solved, the Zerg only took one day.
Although this is a tricky way, using small bugs without any combat power, modified to be able to resist the ‘Light Magic’, and then distributed to the surface of the fighting bugs’ bodies, this method does have an effect.
The knights once again fell into a bitter battle, and Speaker Gould had to send out all his reserve combat forces. At this time, no more combat forces could be retained.
/The insect tide is raging, the knight’s white blood power and green insect blood, energy attacks of various colors, form a heroic space war scene.
Hidden in the insect tide, the specially talented Zerg like assassins have more opportunities to take action in this situation.
They will not attack the fifth-level Templars, as their attacks will do little damage to the fifth-level Templars, and they will focus their attacks on the fourth-level Sky Knights.
Level 4 sky knights are constantly injured. Even with constant treatment from priests, level 4 sky knights still die from time to time.
After a lot of consumption, the Zerg were finally able to engage in real hand-to-hand combat with the Knights.
After all, the knight is not a perpetual motion machine. There is a limit to the war priest’s use of divine magic to continuously restore the knight’s physical strength. This kind of super-intensive battle consumes an astonishing amount of physical strength and energy, and the effect of the divine magic is getting worse and worse. .
Moreover, the continuous loss of level four sky knights is also constantly weakening the power of the knight battle formation. The Zerg may not care about the consumption, but the divine world cannot afford to consume it.
Although every time the knights waved their weapons, they could kill swarms of Zerg, but so what, the positions vacated by the dead Zerg were immediately filled by more Zerg.
As long as these Zerg get close to the knight’s battle formation, they will frantically bite and scratch the bloodline shield of the knight’s battle formation in every possible way. Under such attacks, the bloodline power that maintains the knight’s battle formation is also constantly being consumed.
The fierce battle reduced the number of knights and forced them to tighten their formation.
The knight battle formation protects the small war temple. Once the knight battle formation is too small, the small war temple will be exposed to the Zerg attack.
At this time, the priests also tried their best and used various auxiliary and offensive magics crazily, but these could only slightly slow down the progress of the insect tide.
“Follow the temple’s arrangements!” Speaker Gould could only respond.
He also joined the knight battle formation and used his own strength to resist the Zerg attack.
/A war like the Space Gate buys time for other