ey cannot continue to perform the escort mission. Wish ya’ll good luck.”

Obviously, this was the voice coming from the communication channel. Perhaps to take care of Wei Xiaobei, Jessica played the voice out.
There is no doubt that this news caused everyone to fall silent, and the atmosphere immediately turned from cheerful to depressing.
Three hundred and seventy springtails and twenty-seven hydralisks are not a big problem. After all, the range of these ground bugs is not very wide. As long as they are not encountered head-on, there is still a high chance that they can escape.
The problem lies in those two flying dragons.
This so-called flying dragon is not the flying dragon in Western fantasy novels, but one of the combat arms of the Zerg.
Its shape is somewhat similar to a flying dragon. It has a pair of wings and can spit out a spinning ricochet to attack multiple enemies within a certain range at the same time. The most terrible thing is that because these flying dragons fly at high altitudes, their field of vision can be as long as Much more than ground troops.
In this way, if you continue to move towards the J6 area, you are likely to be discovered by the flying dragon and suffer a fatal blow.
Of course, taking a detour is also an option.
The problem is that the terrain between Area J6 and Area J7 is two intertwined canyons, which are the only way to the base. According to Jessica, the base previously built several machines in these two canyons. Bunker to control the canyon area.
Now it seems that those mechanical bunkers and the armored soldiers inside may have been completely destroyed.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for so many Zerg to appear there.
If you want to go around here, you need to walk at least 60 kilometers more, and you don’t rule out encountering more Zerg.
In other words, the current team is in a dilemma.
Of course, there is another option, which is to find a place that is more convenient for defense and wait for reinforcements!
Well, there is also a more troublesome problem. They have been out on the mission for five days and there is not much food left.
Although the Zerg corpses can be made into food, they can only be eaten after the toxins in the Zerg corpses are removed from the base’s ancillary facilities.
If it does not go through this process, the person who eats it will definitely be poisoned and die.
After learning all this, Wei Xiaobei felt that these soldiers were indeed unlucky.
But something worse happened soon.
Just when Jessica was thinking about which plan to choose, her face suddenly stiffened, and it took a long time before she uttered a sentence.
/It turned out that the fleeing Vulture Chariot was eventually surrounded, but the driver was still tough and immediately called the tanks near the base to bomb his location.
Although this bombardment destroyed the Zerg besieging the Vulture Chariot, it seemed to have angered the Zerg mastermind in the area. As a result, thousands of springtails, hundreds of hydralisks and even hundreds of them were killed.