The limitation of the White Tower Storage Bracelet is that it cannot store intelligent creatures, so why not just find some without intelligence?
Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei felt slightly relieved, and then turned his attention to the drop of mucus that should be the fountain of youth.
Name: Fountain of Youth (Fairy Product)
Introduction: This is what the Nordic gods drank every day in the past to resist the invasion of time and extend their lifespan.
Effect 1: Taking this product, each drop can increase your life span by fifty years.
Effect 2: Taking ten drops of this product at one time can maintain youth forever and extend life span for thousands of years. There is no upper limit to the life span increased by this effect.
Effect 3: Taking this product will quickly restore injuries according to the quantity.
Effect 4: Taking one drop of this product can increase the physical constitution by 1 point and the main attribute of charm by 2 points. After 20 points of the two main attributes, the effect is halved. After 40 points of the two main attributes, the effect disappears.
Effect 5: Taking ten drops of this substance will permanently resist the mental consumption of the gray world.
Effect 6: This substance is volatile. Inhaling this substance will have unknown effects of activating the body and stimulating the mind.
After seeing the effects of the fountain of youth, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but take a breath of air.
I have to say that this fountain of youth is a divine thing.
One drop can increase life span by fifty years, and ten drops can maintain youth forever and extend life for thousands of years.
Wei Xiaobei felt like the ginseng fruit in Journey to the West. If you smell it, you can live for 360 years, and if you eat it, you can live for 470,000 yuan.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei could tell from the second effect.
The life-span-increasing effect of that level of youth fountain should be limited. Otherwise, there would be no introduction to the unlimited life-span enhancement effect of this second effect.
The upper limit should be around a thousand years. In other words, no matter how much you drink from that spring of youth, it can only increase your lifespan to a thousand years at most.
As for the Fountain of Youth, if you drink it one drop at a time, the effect is only to increase your life span by a thousand years.
Not to mention the third effect, it should be better than the second-grade fountain of youth.
/The key point is the fourth effect, which can improve physical fitness and charm.
According to the introduction, an ordinary human only needs to take about ten drops to be promoted to a two-star elite level, and after taking 25 drops, he can be steadily promoted to a three-star level or above.
/Of course, it is conceivable that such a two-star or three-star star has weak combat effectiveness. After all, if they do not have special abilities in terms of physique and charm, they will basically have no combat effectiveness.
The fifth effect of permanent resistance to the mental consum