our detective – Wei Renwu.

Shu Xin was surprised and said, “How did you find this place?”
Wei Renwu smiled and said: “Originally, I wanted to go to ‘Xizixianghe’ to find you, but a friend of mine told me that you moved here.”
“a friend?”
“Yes, this friend of mine is a very knowledgeable Chengdu expert. He also told me some other interesting things.”
“whats the matter?”
Wei Renwu spread his hands and said innocently, “Shouldn’t you invite me in first to sit down and chat?”
Shu Xin smiled sweetly and said, “Mr. Wei is right, please come in quickly.”
The comfortable Xiangju is very unique and elegant, and it also exudes a scent of aromatherapy that can calm your heart. The whole house is full of humanistic beauty.
Shu Xin arranged for Wei Renwu to sit down on the sofa, brewed a pot of “Bamboo Leaf Green” and put it on the coffee table, and said: “Mr. Wei, don’t you mind if I take a bath first? I just finished exercising and my whole body is full of smelly sweat.” .”
Wei Renwu stretched out his right hand and made a “please” gesture.
While waiting for comfort, Wei Renwu sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and concentrated, seeming to be thinking about something.
Shu Xin came out, wearing a pure white and slightly see-through pajamas.
When Wei Renwu saw it, his heart skipped a beat.
It has to be said that pajamas are not that gorgeous and beautiful, but because they are worn on Shu Xin, they are more outstanding than any wedding dress worn by brides in the world.
Shu Xin knelt down on the carpet in front of Wei Renwu and said softly: “Mr. Wei, come to me today. Do you have anything to ask me?”
“It’s not about anything, I just want to chat with you.”
“Then what should we talk about?”
“I read your blog and you know a lot about Freud.”
“I only know a little bit about it. I dare not claim to have done research in front of Mr. Wei.”
Wei Renwu laughed and said, “I only know a little bit about it, so I came here today to ask for advice.”
/Shu Xin covered her mouth and said with a smile: “Then I will show my shame.”
“I mainly want to know Miss Shu’s views on ‘psychological defense mechanisms’.”
“‘Psychological defense mechanism’ is a very large system, and it may take a long time to discuss it in detail.”
“Let’s talk about the ‘repression mechanism’ first.”
“The ‘suppression mechanism’ is to suppress some memories in the subconscious, so that oneself forget the emotion from consciousness.”
“As far as I know, this kind of thing is very difficult to do.”
“That’s why there are so many ‘depressed’ patients in society.”
Shu Xin was about to pour herself a cup of tea, but as soon as she put her hand in the air, she suddenly stopped. There was a smile on her face, but now she became serious.
Shu Xin pretended to be calm and said: “Mr. Wei, why did you suddenly mention ‘depression’?”
Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and said with a smile: “It just so happens that three of my friends have this disease, so I would like to hear your opinion.”
“‘Depression’ is the accumulation of emotions in the surface consciousne