t, making it impossible for him to restrain his energy. He was forcibly promoted to the peak of the legendary level, a realm that is only half a step away from God.

“Lord Arthur, you’d better stay in this realm for a while. If you are promoted to demigod like this, there will be a lot of trouble.” The black dragon Alexis stayed in the ‘artifact space card’, but he has been Paying attention to David’s situation.
David was also extremely reassured by the black dragon Axis, and opened the access to the master-servant contract so that he could observe his own changes.
During these five days, Black Dragon Alexis has been in shock, and David’s improvement speed has exceeded Black Dragon Alexis’ imagination.
When he was in the divine world, the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’ transformed billions of faith power into divine power to enhance David’s strength. Although the black dragon Alexis felt extremely shocked, he could still accept it.
But after coming to the Zerg world, David’s strength improvement is no longer restricted by the power of faith, but by his own ability to run the ‘Emperor-Level Heritage Pattern’ that limits the speed of his strength improvement.
The black dragon Alexis could not imagine how many believers there were in the Zerg world. In the Zerg world, the power of faith seemed to be nothing to care about. There were simply too many.
/Although David’s promotion speed is fast enough, it is not without hidden dangers. The biggest hidden danger is that David was forcibly promoted to the peak of the legendary level, but did not obtain his own domain ability.
The field ability that David masters is still the ‘edge field’. This field ability is indeed very powerful in actual combat, but this power is only for enemies that are lower than his own strength.
The ‘Blade Field’ has much less effect on the legendary combat power of the same level. In battle, it can only be used as an auxiliary means and becomes a way to interfere with the enemy.
Perhaps the ‘Blade Field’ is powerful enough for ordinary legendary levels, but in the eyes of the god-level Black Dragon Alexis, it has too many flaws.
From David’s rapid improvement, the black dragon Alexis saw the opportunity to join forces with David to defeat the God of Death. He did not want David to develop fatal flaws in the process of improving his strength.
David himself has excellent talents, possessing the ‘rule of strength’ and the ‘rule of speed’. No matter which of these two basic rules forms domain abilities, they are countless times more powerful than the ‘blade domain’.
The black dragon Alexis didn’t want David to waste his talent just to quickly become a demigod and obliterate his talent.
Another important thing is that if David is promoted to demigod in the Zerg world, he will be accepted by the Zerg world, but he will lose the recognition of the divine world.
After David becomes a demigod, he will be suppressed by the world rules of the divine world when he returns to the divine world.
Unless he is prepared to stay in the Zerg world and de