ic Security Bureau. However, just as Xiao Hua helped Shen Wende enter, Wei Renwu suddenly said: “Stop here.”

The security guard followed Wei Renwu’s instructions and stopped the video.
“What’s wrong?” Duke asked confused.
Wei Renwu ignored Duke and just asked the security guard to zoom in on the surveillance video.
The security guard zoomed in on the video again, and Wei Renwu asked him to focus on the room next door to Shen Wende’s house. There was rubbish that had not been thrown away in Room 1110 next door.
Wei Renwu nodded with satisfaction.
Duke asked, “What does this mean?”
Wei Renwu said lightly: “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll just take a look at something.”
/Duke was quite disappointed, he was still counting on Wei Renwu to make some new discoveries, but Yue Ming understood Wei Renwu, and he knew that everything Wei Renwu did would not be meaningless.
Wei Renwu asked the security guard: “Did Xiao Hua go back to his house later?”
The security guard shook his head and said, “No.”
“Didn’t you go back to your own house?” Wei Renwu was shocked.
“That’s right. He didn’t go back to his house. He came to our security room.”
“Didn’t I say that the elevator monitor was broken? He was here to repair the monitor.”
“Did he come to repair it himself?”
“Of course, these things were designed by Mr. Xiao. He can fix them quickly by himself.”
“How long did it take him to repair the surveillance system?”
“About half an hour or so.”
“Do I need to turn off the monitoring power when repairing?”
/“it is necessary.”
“Then he repaired it and went back to his house?”
“Yes, otherwise he wouldn’t have anywhere to go.”
“Then give me the surveillance to let him go back.”
Judging from the surveillance video, Xiao Hua first took the elevator from the first floor to the twelfth floor, and then went straight home.
Wei Renwu fell into deep thought.
Duke quickly asked: “Mr. Wei, have you discovered anything?”
“Shh, don’t disturb Mr. Wei when he is thinking.” Yue Ming reminded.
Duke quickly covered his mouth with his fat hands.
Wei Renwu stretched out a finger and said, “When did the elevator monitoring system break down?”
The security guard rubbed his head, recalled carefully, and said, “It seems to have been the afternoon three days ago.”
“Didn’t Xiao Hua go to repair it at that time?”
“Mr. Xiao is a boss after all. He has a very busy day and doesn’t have much time to fix this small problem. So he took the time to fix it the night before yesterday.”
Wei Renwu stroked his mustache and fell into deep thought again.
While Wei Renwu was meditating, the others did not dare to make a sound. Only Duke helped Wei Renwu light the cigarette when he took out the cigarette.
At this time, a head suddenly poked its head in at the door of the monitoring room. The head asked: “Old Liu, who are these people?”
The man named Old Liu Baoan stood up respectfully and replied: “Mr. Xiao, you are back. These are the police, here to investigate Boss Shen’s case.”
Xiao Hua walked into the monitoring room. He was a man in his forties, with