had some doubts: “Fish? How about changing the name of the song? Although our movie is called “Fish and Dragon Dance”, it actually tells the story of a little girl and a white dragon.”

“Do not change.”
Zheng Li stood up and said loudly and forcefully, “I am the director! I have the final say!”
Everyone looked at her:
Zheng Li gritted her teeth: “Don’t look at me like that! It’s not that I’m demanding! The first fourteen songs are really not good!”
/Everyone laughed.
But everyone must believe this. No matter how good the first fourteen songs are, they will not be better than the song “Big Fish”. It’s just that it is really interesting to watch the director’s frustrated look.
“Is this one feasible?”
The producer looked teasing.
Zheng Li said angrily: “If this song doesn’t work, can you find a better song for me? Is it possible that you still have the budget to hire a Qu dad? Besides, even if Qu dad takes action, he will never be able to surpass this. Level, because of this composer”
The producer glanced at the composer.
Zheng Li nodded: “This composition teacher named Xianyu is our close friend for this movie. He must understand the feelings I want to express!”
This is an impression song that the company bought for five million.
According to industry rules, the production team of “Fish and Dragon Dance” can change the song title, lyrics, and arrangement of the purchased work, and even has the right to change the singer and re-record the performance. These are the rights that the film production team should have, even if Xing Mang won’t have any opinions, at best he will give some tentative suggestions.
But for Zheng Li
This is Big Fish at its best!
It was so good that Zheng Li didn’t want to make any changes to the song, including the singer, the arrangement, the lyrics, and the song title “Big Fish” that someone just proposed to change!
Zheng Li thought silently, and while listening to the song, the goosebumps all over her body were still there.
But the reason is no longer important.
In her opinion, the impression song “Big Fish” is perfect, and it is a true match made in heaven with her upcoming movie.
Qinzhou music circle.
Sure enough, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!
Xianyu, she remembered.
“Your bank card with the last number 9527 received a transfer with an amount of 74,087 yuan and an account balance of 74,783 yuan.”
December 5th.
/Lin Yuan received such a sum of money.
At the same time, he also received information from the company’s finance department: “The download share of your work “Life is Like a Summer Flower” and your monthly salary from the composition department have been received. From now on, on the fifth of every month, the share of the song download and your monthly salary will be paid.” The basic salary will be paid to your bank account on time. If you have any questions, please go to the Finance Department to check the account.”
Finally got the money.
Lin Yuan was a little happy.
The belated arrival of December means that this year’s rookie season is complet