and even long stories, sometimes this definition is very vague.

Another thing to mention.
It only cost Lin Yuan 100,000 yuan to customize “Dongdong Suspension Bridge Falling”.
The system means discounts.
Lin Yuan felt that the system was worried that readers would want to break their legs after reading “Dong Dong Suspension Bridge Falls”.
Just the day before the news broke out on the blog, the tribe exploded!
“Chu Kuang’s new short story is going to be posted on the blog!?”
“Blogger actually stole the tower!?”
“Is Chu Kuang dissatisfied with our tribe?”
“He actually betrayed the tribe!”
“Speaking of betrayal is serious. There are no contractual restrictions. Chu Kuang is free to choose which platform he chooses. The blog must have paid some price to invite Chu Kuang, but I still feel so depressed.”
Tribe editors are frustrated.
Han Ji-mei, chief of tribal literature, is also depressed.
She didn’t expect the blogger to be so flexible.
Chu Kuang helped the tribe and blogged more than once.
As a result, instead of being angry, the blogger invited Chu Kuang over generously!
/It can only be said that capital is not stupid.
Bloggers also understand this. If they regard Chu Kuang as an enemy, it will be equivalent to completely pushing Chu Kuang into the tribe.
It seems that he will have to work harder to win over Chu Kuang in the future.
Compared to the depression of the tribe.
Readers don’t care which platform Chu Kuang’s new work is released on.
As long as Chu Kuang is willing to produce a new work, it is enough.
As soon as the promotion on the blog came out, it attracted the attention of many Chu Kuang readers.
Among them are some readers who fell in love with Chu Kuang because of “The Mysterious Case of Roger”.
“It’s rare that old thief Chu Kuang is willing to continue writing reasoning.”
“Normally speaking, old thieves rarely write the same genre repeatedly.”
“Mystery fans send congratulatory messages!”
“Unfortunately this time it’s a short story.”
“Short mysteries are fine, as long as they are inferences!”
“Hey, if old thief Chu Kuang continues to write narratives, I will definitely be able to guess the murderer in advance and slap him in the face!”
“As long as you watch this mode of narrative and intrigue once, you can figure out the author’s routine.”
“I beg Chu Kuang to continue writing Shugui. I will wash away the shame of being fooled by “Roger’s Mystery”!”
“Come on, old thief, this is a reasoning showdown between me, the reader, and you!”
/With the emergence of some new narrative works on the Internet, readers are now quite confident and feel that they have thoroughly figured out the tricks of narrative.
For this reason, readers unanimously called on Chu Kuang to continue writing about strange reasoning, and each one was more conclusive than the other, saying that they could definitely guess the murderer in advance.
Everyone wants to slap Chu Kuang in the face!
Isn’t this a coincidence? Chu Kuang’s new work is indeed a narrative-type reasoning.