he old thief deliberately created Cheng Xin and attracted all the firepower for him!”

“Cheng Xin is scolding the old thief this time!”
“I don’t scold the old scoundrel because this book is too awesome. The stars and the sea are nothing, the cosmic epic is nothing, the dimensionality reduction attack is nothing, the destruction of the solar system is nothing. There is no harder science fiction than this. I know it is impossible. Doing it for the sake of it, doing it knowing that you will lose, this is the dignity of human beings!”
this moment!
Global network!
It seems like the whole world is discussing the Three-Body Problem!
From Ye Wenjie to Zhang Beihai, then from Luo Ji to Shi Qiang, and even Yun Tianming to Cheng Xin, the characters in the book appear with extremely high frequency!
Geek tribe.
Hot searches on major social platforms have fallen!
No other person would have this level of discussion. Only Chu Kuang can draw global attention every time he writes such a classic masterpiece!
To some readers, Cheng Xin is indeed disgusting.
And the great thing about this book is that even if they hate Cheng Xin, they are still willing to give this book super praise!
Water drops!
Thought stamp!
Wall-facer, wall-breaker!
Two-way foil, black domain, curvature drive and more!
The charm of hard science fiction spreads freely, and everyone loves The Three-Body Problem!
And just as discussions among all parties are in full swing.
on the blog.
Blue Star Science Fiction Realm!
Chu Kuang dominates the world!
Of course, while expressing his resignation to Chu Kuang through his blog, Ye Cong did not forget to carry forward the glorious tradition started by another science fiction writer, Chen Shi, and solemnly recommended “The Three-Body Problem” to his fans:
“Welcome to everyone to read this masterpiece of science fiction.”
“In front of the universe, everything is so small, but this is also a science fiction writer’s view of the universe. I personally like it very much.”
/“If we say cruel, human beings have always been so cruel.”
“We can’t have any ill intentions towards ants, for example, but if we were building a canal or digging a foundation, who would take that into account?”
“If you turned into an ant or a bird now, and I told you about the dark forest theory again, your experience would definitely be very profound. This is the “dark forest” state, and it is also the reasonable and fascinating place of the three-body system.”
Chen Shi opened the unspoken rule for losers in literary battles to recommend the winners’ works to the outside world.
Ye Cong silently abides by and inherits this unspoken rule, and very ethically recommends the Three-Body series novel to the public, and also expresses some of his views on this novel.
And at this time.
It has been nearly a week since the release of “The Three-Body Problem”.
Everyone who should have finished reading this book has basically finished reading it. A vigorous trisomy fever has swept the world!
in the novel.
Many cl