pop group who advanced to the finals were all composed by Xianyu!

For this reason, everyone is discussing it enthusiastically.
“I’ll watch Xianyu tomorrow.”
“If Sun Yaohuo can win the championship, then Yu Dynasty will win three gold medals. With a team of six people, three gold medals are close by. Just thinking about it is exciting.”
“What if we win all three rounds?”
“If we win all three rounds of the pop category, it means that Xianyu has won all the gold medals in the pop group solo. From now on, Xianyu will be the king of pop songs in Qinzhou.”
“I feel very hopeful. After all, these songs of Xianyu are still very good.”
“Not only are the singers great, our players are also excellent. Shu Yu, Sun Yaohuo, and Fei Yang are all the most powerful singers in Qinzhou.”
Lin Yuan said nothing.
/Of course, not speaking does not mean that you have no ideas.
Zheng Jing looked at Lin Yuan and said, “If you can win all three games tomorrow, you will be the pop king of Qinzhou.”
The King of Pop?
Lin Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly.
The next day.
Blue Music Club scene.
The auditorium is buzzing with people!
As the major coaching staff and players entered the venue, the atmosphere was instantly pushed to a climax!
To know.
As the competition became more and more intense, major events were launched in turn, and the atmosphere became more and more heated!
The Literary and Art Association made official ratings statistics.
Since the day the competition started, the ratings of the Blue Club competition in all continents have been increasing day by day.
The influence of this competition, which is comparable to the Blue Games, is completely comparable to that of the Blue Games, reaching the point where the whole people can truly participate!
If you become famous in the Blue Music Club, you will become famous in the world!
For example, the name “Xianyu” has now spread to Central Continent which has not yet merged!
at this time.
Lin Yuan sat in the coaching staff area.
He also doesn’t plan to go to the live broadcast room today for the same reason as yesterday.
Today’s game has a lot to do with Lin Yuan, and it is more meaningful to watch it live.
Today’s game begins.
/What surprised everyone was:
Hanzhou, who had been hung up by Zhongzhou and Qinzhou before, actually won the gold medal in the finals of two events in a row as soon as he came up!
“Has Hanzhou gone crazy?”
“The fighting power of English songs is not weak!”
“Previously, the competition was dominated by Mandarin songs, with occasional Qi-language songs popping up, but I didn’t expect that this time it would become the home venue for English songs.”
“It’s normal.”
“The Blue Music Festival is all about letting a hundred flowers bloom.”
“Music of all styles has a place. After all, every language has its own charm.”
“For example, Qi Yu.”
“Sun Yaohuo’s song “Digital Life” yesterday vividly demonstrated the charm of Qi Yuge. The pronunciation is so comfortable.”
Audience acceptance is very