ctor should do!

As for the content
Anyway, Lao Zhou couldn’t see anything. As for the story of a talented man and a beautiful woman, some scenes are quite nonsense and confusing.
For example, Lin Yuan’s script actually said that people should be used to draw pictures?
Very exaggerated.
Lao Zhou even felt like he couldn’t keep up with the young man’s thinking. However, Lao Zhou didn’t think this was such a subtle idea. Instead, he felt it was a bit baffling.
He mused: “This matter is really difficult to handle.”
Lin Yuan frowned.
Suddenly his phone rang.
Lin Yuan hung up.
As a result, they didn’t give up.
Lin Yuan could only connect.
There was an enthusiastic voice on the other end of the phone: “Hello, Mr. Xianyu, I am the manager of Thunder Entertainment.”
Lin Yuan said: “Thunder Entertainment?”
Lao Zhou, who was sitting opposite Lin Yuan, suddenly turned red and became inexplicably nervous, staring at Lin Yuan.
Lin Yuan said: “I”
Lao Zhou couldn’t help it anymore. He stood up suddenly and said with some excitement: “I read your script carefully again. Lin Yuan, this script is definitely a hit! It will definitely become a big hit!”
Lin Yuan hung up the phone directly and asked expectantly: “Can I take a photo?”
Lao Zhou laughed harder than he cried: “There is no reason why I can’t film it for you with such a shocking script!”
Lao Zhou left in tears.
Many people in the composition department on the tenth floor noticed that when Lao Zhou left, he was not in the right mood.
what’s the situation?
After chatting with Representative Lin for a few words, why does it feel like Boss Zhou is about to cry?
Naturally, everyone will not understand the reason.
Lao Zhou did not go back to his office, but went directly to the top floor and knocked on the chairman’s door.
“Come in.”
A majestic voice came from inside.
After Lao Zhou entered the door, he took a deep breath and said, “Something happened.”
“What’s wrong?”
Li Songhua frowned: “Is there something wrong with the film and television department?”
Lao Zhou shook his head: “Xianyu wants to make a movie.”
Li Songhua raised his eyebrows: “You didn’t refuse?”
“I couldn’t refuse. When Thunder Entertainment called Xianyu, I was sitting opposite him. Although Xianyu has a high probability of not changing jobs, I really don’t dare to bet!” Lao Zhou felt that his blood pressure was rising a little.
Of course, part of it is fake.
/How could this person understand his difficulties if he didn’t act excited?
Li Songhua was silent for three seconds and said, “Then let him play.”
/With Li Songhua’s words, Lao Zhou’s mood relaxed a little: “Then I can control the cost? Although I don’t understand the content of his script, the investment should not be big, the film department.”
“I’ll say hi.”
“You are still generous.”
Lao Zhou gave a thumbs up.
The top leaders of the company all nodded, and it was no longer Lao Zhou’s turn to bear the responsibility for this matter.
All he had to do was reduce Lin Yuan’s costs as much as possible.
In fact,