Lord Arthur!” Admiral Francis manipulated the command light screen, and an image window appeared on the light screen. The picture had no real content and was all dark. of space.

However, with the Zerg remains appearing from time to time in the picture, it can be judged that the picture is moving forward rapidly and progressively.
“Hey, Lord Arthur is moving faster!” Admiral Francis said strangely while looking at the data sent back by the individual reconnaissance equipment.
Speaker Gould also calmed down at this time. He knew how strong Lord Arthur was and knew that it was useless to worry at this time. He was also powerless to stop what Lord Arthur decided.
“Lord Arthur’s flying mount has the ability to move in space, and explosive space movement regardless of energy can reach astonishing speeds!” Speaker Gould explained.
“That’s it!” Admiral Francis nodded and said.
“You can monitor many situations of Lord Arthur, right?” Speaker Gould asked, pointing to the image window on the light screen.
“Yes, when Lord Arthur left, I asked him to bring the reconnaissance equipment, so that I can remotely help Lord Arthur through the data provided by the reconnaissance equipment!” Admiral Francis explained to Speaker Gould.
“Admiral Francis, I hope you will keep all information about Lord Arthur’s strength secret. Many of the abilities of the Templars in the divine world are their biggest secrets!” Speaker Gould said solemnly.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was such a taboo. All the data here will be destroyed after the battle. The only ones who can view this data are you and me!” Admiral Francis said apologetically.
Before this, he really had not considered this aspect, including Lord Arthur’s speed, etc., which made him extremely curious, because many of the data revealed by Lord Arthur far exceeded his imagination of human limits.
After hearing Speaker Gould’s proposal, General Francis realized his inadequacy.
“Lord Arthur also has enemies, and his enemies are very strong. Lord Arthur’s strength has always been like a fog, making his enemies restrained and afraid to take action easily!” Speaker Gould looked around, here It was the command position, and the other soldiers were far away, so he said softly.
“Lord Arthur is so powerful, and he still has enemies?” Admiral Francis asked with a look of disbelief on his face.
“Why do you think so?” This time it was Speaker Gould’s turn to be surprised.
/No matter how powerful Lord Arthur is, he is only a strong one among the fifth-level Templars. What kind of abilities Lord Arthur has shown makes General Francis think that Lord Arthur cannot have an enemy.
You must know that Admiral Francis can command tens of thousands of battleships. He is not an ignorant person. He must have some understanding of the federal combat power.
Lord Arthur, known as the ‘Invincible Knight’, is only invincible to a certain extent. Speaker Gould does not believe that Lord Arthur can remain invincible if he is besieged by multiple peers.
“Didn’t you receive news from the Guardian Star?