“Qizhou’s dance is so awesome this time!”
“The most awesome one is the Korean dance.”
“Hanzhou’s dance is indeed good, but there are some problems with the details. It feels like there are a few mistakes in the performance.”
“In comparison, Yanzhou’s dance in this episode is actually surprising.”
“Isn’t anyone talking about Xianyu’s dance?”
“You mean the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss?”
“Haha, isn’t this just a random game of Xianyu?”
“There’s really nothing to say about this dance. It’s just a house dance with no technical content.”
“Compared with Xianyu’s previous dances, this house dance is just mediocre, and that dance music is quite exciting.”
House dancing is generally not very difficult.
Many professionals in the dance circle express indifference to the Pure Land.
What the dance circle never expected was that this mediocre home dancer would soon bloodbath the dance areas of Blue Star’s major websites!
To be honest, no one thought of it.
The lethality of the Pure Land is so terrifying!
The dance area at Station B has been very lively recently.
Dance masters from all walks of life have updated similar videos in unison!
“Studying all night has ruined the Pure Land of Bliss!” 》
“Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, let’s do something happy!” 》
“Stewardess Uniform Version Pure Land of Bliss.avi!” 》
“Boy (human) version of the Pure Land of Bliss!” 》
“The Pure Land of Bliss, this is the dance that a macho man should dance!” 》
“Hello everyone, we are a girl group that has been practicing for two and a half years, and we will perform a cover of Pure Land for everyone! 》
“The Pure Land of Bliss?” This dance is poisonous! 》
“The Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, my feet are numb from dancing.” 》
Every time Xianyu performs a new dance, it will be performed in the dance area.
It stands to reason that everyone is used to it.
But this time things don’t seem to be simple.
It was also the day when “Pure Land” became popular in the dance area.
Someone uploaded an animated version of the Pure Land video.
To put it simply, it’s all kinds of classic anime characters dancing to the Pure Land!
/And when the super-popular anime characters that netizens are most familiar with dance to the Pure Land, the dance seems to be sublimated!
“Laughing to death.”
“How come there are pure lands of bliss everywhere!”
/“The dance area was completely bloodbathed. Even the videos imitating Fish Daddy’s previous dances were pushed underneath!”
“Father Yu is no longer a singer, not a songwriter, he is no longer a human being!”
“Can’t get out!”
“I have been playing different versions of Pure Land for three hours!”
“The anime version is even more magical than the original version!”
“I still like the original version, those three girls are so beautiful!”
“There is no original version!”
“That’s the root of all evil!”
“Father Fish is the source of all evil!”
“All the anime characters I like have been ruined by Pure Land. Can you believe it that I just played Naruto Luffy