the comment area of ​​his blog!

My fans are always there, but they are not supporting me at all!
They are actually supporting Lu Yang!
Lin Yuan even saw some fans shaking people in his comment area:
“Brothers, go support Master Lu and let this old thief experience what it means to have a sinister human heart!”
This fan is die-hard.
Lin Yuan often sees this person in the hot comments in the comment area.
But Lin Yuan never expected that the other party would stab him in the back!
As for that! ? valley
Isn’t it just that the ending of the Harry Potter series is a little sad?
/I am guilty and let the law punish me. Why are you all rushing to stab me in the back?
Delete comment!
Still can’t help but speak.
But this comment cannot be left!
Lin Yuan sat up in shock, raised his knife and deleted the hot comment, then sneered.
Want to see me drop in the rankings?
When his new book is released, my new book is also released!
Lin Yuan just deleted the comment, but he didn’t know that many eyes were staring at him.
He raised the knife with his front legs, and then his back legs were discovered.
“The hot comment was deleted?”
“He’s anxious!”
“The old thief is here too!”
“Then I have to cheer Master Lu even more!”
“Why don’t you just work hard and not contribute sales to Master Lu?”
“As you said, my student gang doesn’t have that much money, so I’m saving my pocket money to wait for the old thief’s new book.”
“The old thief’s new book is ready early.”
“I’m going to wait for him to drop ranking this time!”
Lin Yuan was still looking at the screen.
I was actually a little touched when I saw someone talking about saving their pocket money to buy their own new book.
Am I being criticized by readers?
He was clearly shouting support for Master Lu, but I was actually moved!
This must be the new book that everyone is looking forward to, can’t wait!
Think of this.
Lin Yuan quickly posted a message: The new book is about martial arts and will be released at the end of next month.
Finished posting.
Lin Yuan, who wanted to rest tonight, sat up without stopping and continued typing.
At least 1.5 million words.
Publishing Silver Blue Library also takes time.
/He must complete “Dragon” within a certain time, otherwise he may be surpassed by Master Lu in the ranking. After all, the creative window is the most dangerous period.
As for readers backstabbing?
The old thief Chu Kuang is not a vegetarian either.
Let’s calculate how many copies of this novel have been published?
Jiumozhi wakes up after losing all his martial arts skills;
Murong Fu’s dream shattered and he went crazy;
It’s just a villain, and readers may not be too deeply involved with it.
But Arjuna’s blow was brutal enough.
The cattle and sheep outside the Great Wall are empty, and my Xiao Lang will not kill his father!
And Xiao Feng’s knife.
Dilemma between loyalty and righteousness, jumping off a cliff to commit suicide, the end of a