’s ranking on the dance list has no water at all!

This fact is difficult to digest, especially for those Zhongzhou netizens who only know Xianyu because of the Lan Le Club, and have been frightened by Xianyu once before because of his film and television rankings. It is simply outrageous!
“Absolutely awesome!”
/“There are currently five lists in Blue Star’s top ten arts. As a result, Xianyu alone occupies three top lists, and they are all on the list!”
“Is this genius?”
“He is obviously a versatile person!”
“What else can’t he do?”
“Having a baby?”
“When technology really develops, do you think he can’t do it?”
“The old saying is true. The three gay friends in Qinzhou are not the most perverted, only more perverted!”
“If he does some more dancing, doesn’t he want to be in the top ten?”
“I’m watching “Thousand-Hand Guanyin”. This thing is indeed a bit cruel. The more I watch it, the more I think Xianyu is too crazy!”
Can compose music.
Can sing.
Can write a screenplay.
Can choreograph.
Can dance.
It is not easy to achieve results in any skill, but Xianyu has mastered so many skills and still does them so well.
What’s this called?
A full-time artist!
And at home.
My mother was already smiling from ear to ear: “Full-time artist is a good title. One of Blue Star’s top ten arts. Is there anything you don’t know how to do?”
My sister smiled and spoke.
This is much more advanced than dancing.
Lin Yuan looked at his sister and suddenly wanted to tease her. He picked up the fruit knife and peeled an apple.
Swish, swish, swish.
Very fast hands.
Mom didn’t think what he thought, but she was a little worried: “Slow down, don’t cut it!”
Lin Yuan handed the apple to his sister.
My sister was stunned and subconsciously took the apple. As a result, her hand slipped and the apple skin had been connected into one piece, like a red ribbon. The thickness was exactly the same, with no risk of breaking, as if it had been cut by a machine!
In the exclamation of the whole family, the bare apple fell to the ground.
Lin Yuan seemed to have expected it, and steadily caught the apple in the air, and then handed it to his sister:
“Try it.”
/The sister looked at the apple peel with fear, and then at the apple that Lin Yuan handed over again, her expression suddenly froze.
It looked like the apple had been peeled entirely, with no trace of peeling visible.
Just like a soft peach being peeled by hand, the pulp inside is completely intact.
But Lin Yuan obviously cut it with a knife in front of the whole family!
How much control do you need to achieve this?
“how did you do that?”
“The basic skills of sculpture.”
Lin Yuan spoke, inexplicably enjoying the shocked looks of the family. Under the master’s sculpting skills, this was just a small test.
“Can you sculpt?”
Dayao Yao came close to the apple and looked at it for a long time. She tried hard to suppress the shock in her eyes and said with some uncertainty: “Are you really good at sculpting?”
“Understand a litt