fraid of wind or rain.”

“La la la la.”
“How thick is the earth and how high is the sky?”
“The stars blink and the moon draws question marks, and comets drag their long tails of rainbows to build bridges.”
“A new storm has emerged. How can you stand still? Travel through time and space and do your best. I will come to you.”
“Facing danger with a smile, your dreams will not come true. If you muster the courage to move forward firmly, miracles will definitely happen.”
“Don’t look at me for being young, don’t look at me for being small. I am ambitious and high-spirited. Even if there is a huge wave ahead, I can ride on it and float.”
It takes a lot of people to record these songs.
Lin Yuan directly sang some songs by himself.
/Lin Yuan asked people from the Yu Dynasty to sing some songs.
For some songs, Lin Yuan even went to Beihai Kindergarten to rock them!
Because some cartoons have soundtracks and children’s voices singing can make younger audiences feel more involved.
Lin Yuan happened to know some children from Beihai Kindergarten.
When Lin Yuan recorded the children’s songs, he also asked these children to cooperate with them.
Although this year has passed, many children in Beihai Kindergarten will enter first grade.
Like crops.
After sowing, the fruit will grow.
In the following days, these cartoons were continuously produced.
November is coming!
Blue Star Literary and Art Association has received countless submissions!
This morning.
Department leaders and reviewers from the Literary and Art Association responsible for animation began to gather together.
“Then let’s confirm the remaining works today, mainly the works from the top five, have they all been submitted?”
“Yes, but some of it is not finished yet, only part of it is done.”
“It doesn’t matter. We don’t have time to watch them all. We can only watch part of each animation, and leave the rest to the following departments for follow-up and review.”
“What else deserves attention?”
“Running out.”
“You can check out this orange animation work.”
“The works of this particle studio are also worth looking forward to.”
“There is also Orchid Pictures. Although it is not as good as the five major companies, it is still very good. It actually submitted three works.”
“Is there something wrong here?”
“Shadow cast ten cartoons!?”
“Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”
“Sure, Minister An.”
The staff had a strange expression.
The middle-aged man who became “Minister An” was slightly stunned.
The other leaders also looked weird for a while.
No mistake?
Did Shadow really cast ten animations?
How did you do it! ?
Even one of the behemoths of the five major film and television companies, Pu Ling Entertainment, has only prepared seven works!
“It’s interesting.”
/Minister An raised his eyebrows slightly, then sat down: “How about taking a look at Ying Ying’s works first?”
Shadow’s works have successfully aroused Minister An’s interest.
What was even more obvious was that others did