ied a new tassel around your sword.

The wish was not heard clearly.
The apprentice has grown up.
Higher than Master.
The master is no longer the disciple’s opponent.
The lines are interspersed with the singing, forming two channels.
The proportion of the two is just right.
The plot and singing blend together almost perfectly.
Young man: You lost again.
Woman: I know, I know, my apprentice has grown up.
Young man: Now you don’t have to follow me all the time. You are worried that I will be bullied.
Woman: Your new clothes are nice. You look like you are famous all over the world.
Young man: Master, where are your relatives and friends?
Woman: Is this your pony? Quite handsome! You remember to brush it every day, so that its coat color will change as it grows up
Youth: I know this.
/Woman: Right! I still have some good horse grass here
Young man: No need, I have both.
The young man left.
The high chorus stirs up the mood:
Should I be content with the tassel still hanging?
I also sewed a winter coat for you and sent you a letter or two with a few words of advice.
We should be glad that we are not strangers even though we are so far away from you
It’s time that is always cruel
/What scares me the most is hearing your name while chatting in a wine shop
The tone is quite familiar
After coming back to his senses, he smiled and asked where the hero was but he didn’t know his name.
What an ironic smile.
on the road.
The figure is graceful.
They seemed to have had a reunion.
Xia Fan’s voice was filled with loneliness.
Pouring wine and drinking alone, fine snow covers my eyebrows one after another
The cold has penetrated into the bones
I still remember the beginning when you pulled my sleeves and caressed me
Laughing and saying that snow melts like teardrops
Is there only loneliness left at the end of the world?
It’s all my fault that my exquisite mind and obsession are too tied up in dusty nets
The front is too vast. If you ask where to go,
Treat the way you came as the way back
Under the peach tree, that year Luoxue sang a piece of music for you
Believe that “people are not as good as they are”
Only now, who is waiting to look back in the vast snow?
Knowing that no one is looking back
in the screen.
The young man holds an umbrella.
Next to her stood a pretty little girl.
Loli asked innocently: “Master, who are you waiting for?”
The young man’s voice was a little low: “I’m not waiting for anyone, and no one will come.”
Loli stared at the master: “Then you are alone and don’t want to go to other places to see?”
The young man was startled.
He suddenly remembered.
I also asked Master back then:
“You’ve been alone for so long, and you haven’t thought about going anywhere else?”
“I’m afraid that when I turn around, you will be gone too.”
Master looked at the sky: “It’s snowing.”
Loli pointed to the sky: “It’s snowing.”
The two voices from memory and reality completely overlapped at this moment, as if the figure in front of me also overlapped with the fig