eople who have been named King Chen in history. The corresponding allusions can be matched. Lin Yuan did not even need to deliberately change anything when he wrote this piece.

“Five-flowered Horse”
/“Qianjin Qiu”
The picture on the big screen changed slightly, and a man in white clothes, who looked like an immortal, was drinking and drinking freely.
Full of ancient charm.
The combination of the poetic conception and the picture makes people imagine, but people don’t know that the paintings appearing in the background of the stage are all written by Lin Yuan. However, if someone investigates afterwards, they will definitely only see the “shadow” figure.
Under the stage.
Lin Yuan, who was sitting on the Qinzhou coaching bench, opened his mouth gently and sang the last two lines: “My son will be exchanged for fine wine, and I will sell the eternal sorrow with you.”
On the stage.
Xia Fan happened to sing these two lines, but his voice gradually became lower, leaving the audience with endless charm.
Next to Lin Yuan.
Lu Sheng: “It’s so well written.”
Yin Dong: “No matter how many times I read this piece, I am deeply shocked. Combining “The Wine” with musical language, this shock makes my old bones feel like blood is boiling.”
The voice fell.
Everyone looked at Lin Yuan.
In addition to his terrifying musical talent, this young man’s literary talent is actually even more amazing. This song reminded everyone of this in a bombshell way.
At this time.
Zheng Jing started to applaud.
Yang Zhongming started to applaud.
Abigail started clapping.
Coaches from all continents applauded.
Applause swept from all directions, and the applause of all the audience merged together and formed an ocean in the final music!
This applause is not only for the songs.
The same is true for this poem.
Xia Fan’s singing interprets this lyrics, with a very textured voice, not to mention a high pitch, but the heroic and majestic feeling is really displayed to the fullest!
/Zhongzhou Live Room.
The barrage has already been dense. No matter how arrogant a person is when facing “Jian Jin Liquor”, it will be difficult to suppress the feeling of reverence!
Got slapped in the face.
A hard slap in the face.
Who says Xianyu’s lyrics are not good?
The lyrics of “Xianyu” are enough to surpass the level of lyrics of all the songs in this Blue Music Festival, so that the melody itself is not very important.
Compared to the liveliness of the barrage.
In the live broadcast room, you can hear the needle drop.
The male commentator, whose literary background is really not commendable, can feel the horror of this poem at this moment, let alone the female commentator who is full of love for literature.
Is this what a friend calls “Xianyu’s lyric writing is pretty good”?
The female commentator suddenly became a little angry. This level of writing lyrics is just “not bad”?
This evaluation is so ignorant and full of Middle-earth arrogance.
Just in terms of comparison of contemporary lyric writing levels:
I’m afraid Xianyu’s ability