eholders are unwilling to let Xianyu take over easily!

And at this time.
The end of August is almost here.
The Lushan Poetry Conference is about to begin!
The Lushan Poetry Festival is scheduled for August 31st.
Of course, everyone will not wait for the day to arrive before setting off.
In fact.
On the evening of the 30th, the hotels near Mount Lu were filled with literati from all continents.
Representatives from the program team of “Along with You” and the Literary and Art Association also came here.
The representative of the Literary and Art Association was Director Huang who went to Xingmang to invite Lin Yuan to serve as a judge.
Director Huang held a relatively brief meeting with people related to the event other than the contestants.
in meeting.
Lin Yuan met the other eight judges.
These eight judges are from Qin, Qi, Chu, Yan, Han, Zhao, Wei, and Zhongzhou.
They didn’t show anything strange towards Lin Yuan, a special judge, and they all greeted him naturally.
Yu Chang
Qin Xiaotian, wait
The eight judges were all well-known figures in the literary world. Lin Yuan had read the works of some of them, so he was not too unfamiliar with them.
Not just Lin Yuan.
Audiences who are about to watch the live broadcast of this poetry event will also be familiar with these prominent literati.
After the meeting.
Everyone was about to go back to their hotel rooms, but Director Huang suddenly said: “Teacher Xianyu will stay here for a while.”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Several judges took a deep look at Lin Yuan and then left. Only one of the judges named He Qinghuan said hello when he left:
“Xianyu little friend, see you tomorrow.”
This He Qinghuan is Qinzhou’s judge.
Lin Yuan smiled and nodded in response. Although the eight judges all behaved normally, Lin Yuan could feel that only He Qinghuan had a friendly attitude.
This is probably because Lin Yuan is also from Qin.
The conference room quickly became empty, leaving only Lin Yuan and Director Huang.
“I’m keeping you here to talk about tomorrow.”
Director Huang said: “As one of the judges, you will definitely participate in the review tomorrow. I hope you can keep a low profile. We can just keep your qualifications in hand. There is no need to do or say anything that offends others.”
Lin Yuan was stunned.
He thought he heard wrongly.
Does this mean that you will paddle tomorrow?
Director Huang sighed and smiled bitterly: “This word really doesn’t sound good. We underestimated the acceptance ability of the cultural circle. Since your identity as a judge was officially announced, there have been many voices of opposition, including influential old people from all over the world. Senior figures called and expressed their dissatisfaction with this matter. Although we suppressed it, if your comments are too sharp, I’m afraid many people will feel uncomfortable.”
Lin Yuan frowned slightly.
/He suddenly recalled some unpleasant past events:
He once wore a mask and participated in “The King of Masked Singer” as the King of Lanling