s thing should still be alive!” Wang Xuan was most concerned about the dry roots. He had put them in a health furnace to nourish them for a long time, and they seemed to have a ray of life.

Soon after, he planted Zheng Yuantian’s elixir beside the silver pond, and also placed the purple elixir revived from the bottom of the health furnace.
/Finally, he threw the dried medicinal root directly into the silver fairy pond.
“When the treasure is used, I will regret it, but it is still lacking.” Wang Xuan sighed, they have been paying attention to this world, the fairy world is dimming, and the great barrier is also drying up.
This mythical era will end at any time!
It may take a few more days, or it may be today. No one can tell the exact time now, but everyone knows that the extraordinary winter will be here soon!
Two days later, Xiong Er’s expression changed and he received a mysterious signal. Then, an enemy trace appeared on the screen, and the super evil dragon appeared.
His face emerged clearly, with a smile. Judging from his appearance and temperament, he was indeed extraordinary, like a supreme immortal coming to the world.
His movements and movements are full of Taoist charm, his spirit is as rich as jade, and he is not stained by the fireworks of the world.
Now, he is very down-to-earth, eating and drinking tea with others, and is in the world of mortals instead of standing in the misty clouds.
“These are all ingredients from my cave. They really belong to you.” He smiled. On the dining table were various magical items, such as fire dragon dates, golden grapes, phoenix marrow, real dragon meat, etc.
There is also Zhou Yun in the box, who is mentally abnormal and something is wrong. He seems to be controlled by an evil dragon and his mental memory has been searched.
“What do you want?!” Wang Xuan asked coldly.
“Don’t worry.” Evil Dragon Qitian was quite casual. The screen flashed and he disappeared.
Not long after, his figure appeared again on the big screen of the spaceship. This time the person beside him changed, but it was still an acquaintance of Wang Xuan, it was Professor Lin.
Professor Lin was not in the right state, he was in a trance, and his memory seemed to have been searched.
Qi Tian said calmly: “You have no secrets from me. In fact, I have understood you thoroughly some time ago, and I even know you better than you know yourself!”
“Are you going to threaten me with them and make me go back?” Wang Xuanhan said.
“You are overthinking this. These are just the photos I took a few days ago. I haven’t done anything to them yet.” Qi Tian said lightly.
Wang Xuan and Jian Xianzi were extremely vigilant and realized that something was wrong.
Next, the scene changed again. Qitian took a spaceship to a planet of ordinary life isolated from the outside world. He appeared at the dinner party of Chen Yongjie, Qingmu, Zhao Qinghan, Wu Yin and others. He changed his face and enjoyed delicious food there as a guest. .
“You” Wang Xuan’s expression changed completely. How could he know where it was