ng girl has become a gray-haired old lady!

What the hell!
Those readers who thought Zhang Junbao was the protagonist were stunned when they saw this, and then yelled!
“Depend on!”
/“Old thief!”
/“Give me back my young age Guo Xiang!”
“I’m so angry, I was deceived by this old thief again!
“As for the male lead Zhang Junbao and the female lead Guo Xiang, how can they be the protagonists when they are over 90 years old!”
“What kind of devilish twist is this? I dare you to show up, Guo Xiang, just to let you transition the plot!?”
“Where’s Guo Jing! Where’s Huang Rong! Where’s the figure from the period of the Shooting Condor and the Divine Condor!”
“Looking at the plot, could it be that the real protagonist is Zhang Cuishan!?”
The Internet is in a frenzy!
Some readers are dissatisfied, some feel emotional, some sigh, and there are all kinds of complicated emotions!
But this time the plot is far from bad.
Readers who have experienced Dragon Girl Gate have a good reception.
It can only be said that this old thief still doesn’t like to play his cards according to common sense.
Once again, he fooled all readers with a misleading plot!
At this time, only those readers who liked Guo Xiang very much felt sad and helpless.
The so-called “mistaking Yang Guo for life” became the footnote of her life.
As expected, she could no longer fall in love with the equally outstanding Zhang Junbao as she had fallen in love with Yang Guo.
However, this just preserves Guo Xiang’s image. If she falls in love with someone else, some readers may be sad because of it.
In contrast.
The main plot revealed in the new chapter has firmly attracted the attention of readers, and there is even a sense of more urgent expectation for the subsequent plot:
The dragon-slaying knife is out!
The famous saying that spreads across the world makes its debut:
The supreme king of martial arts, slaying dragons with his precious sword, commands the world, no one dares to disobey!
at this time.
Lin Yuan is in the studio.
Lin Yuan’s plan is to update one chapter every day and serialize it online for free.
And in the next three days.
Everyone’s attention is focused on the story itself.
“First of all, there should be no doubt that Zhang Cuishan is the protagonist of the new book. First, this character is handsome and elegant; second, he is smart and resourceful; third, he has a pure character and hates evil; fourth, he has an extraordinary background; fifth, he is a convicted criminal. Peach Blossom Beauty is in the company; I even think the old thief is a bit cruel this time, and the protagonist is too perfect.”
“Zhang Cuishan is the male protagonist, and the female protagonist can only be Yin Susu.”
“A decent male protagonist and a devilish witch, a natural conflicting design.”
“I didn’t expect that Guo Xiang actually founded the Emei Sect in the end, keeping pace with Zhang Sanfeng’s Wudang Sect. The plot’s cross-timeline description method avoided Guo Xiang’s death, and Xiao Dongxie finally got a good death.”
“The old thi