g famous in acting is longer.

Lin Yuan nodded.
Xia Fan has become one of the top 100 players in Qinzhou. It is estimated that the media here in Su City will report a few words, because Xia Fan will probably appear on TV next time, which can be regarded as bringing glory to Su City.
“Lin Yuan.”
Jian Yi suddenly looked at Lin Yuan with a serious expression: “How far Xia Fan can go will ultimately depend on her. She can’t rely on you all her life. Just help her when necessary.”
“I try my best.”
Lin Yuan answered.
Jian Yi wanted to say something more, but after thinking about it, he gave up. Secretly, he must have hoped that Lin Yuan could always help Xia Fan, but he didn’t want Lin Yuan to delay his career because of this, so he could only hesitate: ” actually, I”
“I know.”
“You know what?”
“I know anyway.”
Lin Yuan showed a natural smile.
Jian Yi rolled his eyes: “Actually, I feel that neither you nor Xia Fan’s personalities are very suitable for the entertainment industry. You are able to get along like a fish in water, probably because you are behind the scenes. Xia Fan may have to go to the front in the future. This is my only choice.” worried.”
“I know you’re worried.”
“Aren’t you worried?”
Lin Yuan said nothing. At this time, Xia Fan had already stepped down. Several reporters quickly gathered around to interview. Lin Yuan and Jian Yi waited for the reporters to finish the interview before celebrating with Xia Fan. Jian Yi smiled and said: “It feels like being promoted to the top 100.” How about it?”
“I’m going to the bathroom.”
Xia Fan disappeared again in a flash.
Lin Yuan and Jian Yi could only look at each other.
For the next period of time, Xia Fan had no competition, but she practiced harder every day, because there were still competitions such as 100 to 80, 80 to 50, etc. Although the schedule was not so tight, the level of competition was still there. But he is getting more and more nervous.
Equally nervous is the composition department.
Because as the time left in June becomes less and less, there is not much time left for everyone to prepare works for the school year assessment. The importance of this school year assessment is far greater than before, so everyone has tried their best to not only Dare to relax even a little bit.
Lin Yuan decided to join hands with everyone.
Anyway, the recording of “Initial Dream” has been completed, and he does not need to polish the work additionally. According to the teacher, he only needs to submit the work before the deadline at the end of the month, and the school will arrange for professionals to review it in July.
However, there is something going on at Silver Blue Library.
“What did you write?”
“Let me hear it.”
“Why don’t you tell me.”
“I won’t show my shame anymore.”
/Regarding the composition department’s assessment works for this academic year, it seems that everyone is hiding them very carefully and guarding each other carefully, with an attitude of “My song is amazing”. Very few people have released their songs in advance, but th