The five bishops took out their respective staffs, and the patterns representing their respective gods flashed on the staffs. The ancient single portal that had not been used for thousands of years was like shedding old clothes.
The dust on the surface of the ancient single-person portal was lifted up by an invisible force, revealing the patterned surface inside. The materials used to build the portal were extremely precious, and even time could not have much impact on it. After removing the dust, if Brand new in general.
The patterns on the ancient single portal flashed one after another. When all the patterns lit up, the five bishops put down their staffs.
“Lord Arthur, there are space fluctuations at the location of the Guardian Star. Please check it out!” Bishop Francis’s voice sounded in the identity bracelet, letting David know through the vibration.
Bishop Francis knew that if the Zerg used space wormholes, only Lord Arthur could seal the space wormholes 100%, so he sent a message to Lord Arthur as soon as the instrument discovered the space energy.
“I’ll go immediately!” David replied without any hesitation and then accelerated back to the Guardian Star.
Fortunately, he had retreated to the vicinity of the guard star before, and the long-range attacks of the federal warships did not require his intervention. This time, the level of the Zerg was really low, so he stayed on the periphery of the guard star, which was considered the rear.
David, who has reached the legendary level, has an even more terrifying speed. He just doesn’t have time now. Otherwise, based on his understanding at the moment of promotion, and if he continues to practice carefully for a period of time, he will be able to improve his mastery of the ‘rules of power’ and ‘rules of speed’. Some.
Even if the ‘speed rules’ have not improved much now, the physical enhancement brought about by the improvement of the great realm has made the flying speed far higher than before.
David was a little anxious, fearing that the Zerg would land on the Guardian Star and destroy the Guardian Star’s defense system.
You must know that the defense system of the Guardian Star is a weapon against space. The federal military has not considered the Zerg landing at all, and there is no need to consider the Zerg landing.
Because once the Zerg land, the federal military will also lose its long-range advantage, and the war will be more difficult.
It took a full five minutes from the fluctuation of space energy to the successful connection of the one-way portal. The reason why it took so long was because the five bishops needed to open the remote portal restrictions and two teleporters. The door had been idle for thousands of years, and restoration would take some time.
When David came to the location of the space energy fluctuations, he let go of his spirit. Although the underground suppressed his mental detection range, it could still be detected from a distance of tens of meters.
/He saw a hidden space under the ground. An ancient small portal was emit