e readers.

Because in addition to changing the plot of the novel, no matter what Chu Kuang says now, the readers can’t listen to it. Instead, it is easy to tease the readers even more.
At least these days.
Chu Kuang’s silence is golden.
The readers obviously cannot understand Chu Kuang’s thoughts.
/On the contrary, many people believe that this is the “arrogance” of old thieves.
Think about the reader riots caused by the sadistic plots written by old thieves before.
When has the old thief ever responded?
Holmes did respond.
But he was not responding to readers, but to Xianyu.
Names such as “Taking pride in one’s talents” are inevitably mentioned repeatedly by readers.
It’s okay to be arrogant.
Call it cold.
They are all eternal labels belonging to old thieves.
Fortunately, the glass of Lin Yuan’s house was not smashed.
Chu Kuang’s identity is still very well hidden.
Rumor has it:
/Because of this incident, Jin Yong’s family was not able to live in peace. This matter has been reported.
There are also rumors that the plot of Xiao Longnu being humiliated was ghostwritten by others and was not created by Jin Yong himself.
This statement was denied by Jin Yong himself.
On the contrary, someone did ghostwrite the later version of “Dragon Babu”.
The most lively rumor in the market is that Jin Yong wrote that Xiao Longnu lost her virginity because of his love for Xia Meng.
Xiao Longnu is Xia Meng in his heart.
When Xia Meng fell into the arms of others, Xiao Longnu lost her virginity in “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”.
“Reality and fiction are connected.”
Let’s not care whether this speculation is true or false.
Anyway, the person who spreads such gossip must have bad intentions.
It was deliberately arranged with a bit of dissatisfaction with Xiao Longnu’s loss of virginity, and even disgusted the author.
At least Jin Yong didn’t call him to tell him personally.
There was only the last day left before Lin Yuan’s three-day period.
Jin Mu lost his composure and called Lin Yuan: “There are still a large number of readers blocking the door at Silver Blue Library. How about you send a message to appease them?”
Lin Yuan asked, “What did you say?”
Jin Mu was immediately stunned by the question. At this time, Chu Kuang would be criticized for anything he said.
Unless he knows his mistakes and can correct them.
Lin Yuan said: “Let Yinlan Bookstore order some food and drink for everyone, I will pay for it.”
This suggestion is still good, and Jinmu adopts it.
same day.
Some people were eating the food Chu Kuang bought and drinking the water Chu Kuang bought. They continued to protest after eating and drinking.
At this time.
A representative from the Public Relations Department of Yinlan Bookstore said quietly: “The food and water we just had were given by Teacher Chu Kuang.”
Depend on!
It is said that those who take others have short hands, and those who eat others have short mouths.
The faces of the readers gathered at the door changed, and their protesting momentum was