noise was a little noisy, and many people were urging the players in front. For a while, the excitement of the “Plants vs. Zombies” booth even attracted the attention of other booths.

People at each booth looked at each other.
What game?
So many people lining up?
Depend on!
Puzzle strategy game?
Is this thing comparable to our gorgeous fighting masterpieces?
Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
At this time, because it can also be downloaded online, many people are playing this game at the same time.
After all, online, this game has already begun to become popular.
A certain dormitory.
A student sat in front of the computer, clicked the mouse to collect sunlight, and planted peashooters.
The roommates nearby gathered around.
“What kind of game is this?”
“It’s quite interesting to watch.”
“Be careful, this zombie is coming!”
“Why do so many zombies appear together!”
“We lost this level.”
“Let me go, this red pepper is so powerful, it will kill the zombie instantly!”
“Can this little blue thing slow down?”
“It’s interesting, what’s the name of this game!”
“Plants vs. Zombies?”
some company.
A certain employee was secretly playing the game while his boss was not paying attention. Every time his boss passed by, he would quickly hide the window, making a mess of his skillful movements.
A few colleagues noticed it.
“Holy shit.”
“Finished stealing another mini game.”
“It’s so boring. Are you slacking off at work just to plant sunflowers?”
“There are zombies behind you.”
“So that’s how it works.”
“Is this a new mini-game?”
“The game is called “Plants vs. Zombies”. Where can I download it?”
“You can download the Blue Moon platform for ten yuan!”
An Internet cafe.
Someone boarded the Blue Moon Platform and opened “Plants vs. Zombies”.
The companion was stunned.
“Aren’t you here to make a fool of yourself?”
“Why did you start playing small games?”
“Hand in, “Heroic Soul” is on its way!”
“What’s the point of this thing?”
“It’s almost closing.”
“Hmm, is this zombie doing a moonwalk?”
“It seems more interesting than I thought.”
“How about we also have some fun?”
“Emma, ​​it’s really fun!”
In the front, it is passed from one to ten and to a hundred, and from the back, it is passed from one to ten and to thousands.
And when the time comes at night, this game has already become popular!
/Many game forums are discussing it!
“Have you played the little game that was just released?”
“What game?”
“Plants vs. Zombies!”
“Plants, zombies, what the hell?”
“I’m playing now and I’ve reached level 32. I don’t know how many levels there are in total. It’s getting more and more difficult!”
“It turns out I’m not the only one playing this game. This game is so interesting. The old zombie is carrying the little zombie on his back. That little zombie is so cute!”
“This game is so magical. I haven’t even finished my homework just to play it!”
“Hey guys, zombies ate my brain again!”
“The big wave of zombies is really exciting!”
“Damn it, big wave of zombies? I