started, there was another man hiding in one of the carriages with the door locked.

When the woman in red saw the ring on the man’s hand, several images flashed through her mind:
It was a scene of her getting married to a man and having sex.
In the cinema.
Not answered.
The audience has more doubts:
“Who is the woman in red played by Xia Fan?”
“Who is this man who suddenly appeared?”
“Is he the husband of the woman in red? According to the heroine’s memory, they seem to be husband and wife?”
“It must be a couple, they have already rolled over the sheets.”
“Then why don’t they seem to recognize each other?”
“It seems that it was said earlier that turning on the defense system will have side effects. The side effect should be amnesia?”
“Then what is the origin of this group of armed men who look awesome and arrogant?”
It has been playing for more than ten minutes at the beginning, but the audience is wrapped in a suspenseful atmosphere, and their minds are subconsciously led by the plot.
Tu Zheng communicated with Jia Haoren:
“The suspense is designed to be too dense.”
“Entering the laboratory should answer some of the suspense.”
“The opening pacing is very good and it hooks the audience instantly.”
“We’re not just spectators.”
Jia Haoren reminded him and continued watching the movie.
/Tu Zheng and Jia Haoren’s guess was correct.
The leader of the armed men slowly revealed the truth under the questioning of the heroine in red, and also explained several suspense at the beginning of the movie:
It turned out that this group of people were armed men hired by the Umbrella Company.
The company in question at the beginning of the movie is actually an underground top-secret research institute hidden in Raccoon City, owned and supervised by the Umbrella Organization!
The heroine is the security director responsible for guarding the entrance to the institute.
As for the cause of their amnesia, it was inhaling a toxic gas, which was caused by the institute’s defense mechanism.
The purpose of this armed team’s trip is to shut down the Red Queen!
The so-called Red Queen is the intelligent mastermind of this research institute, and is also the top intelligent mastermind in the world!
Inside the institute.
More than five hundred employees may have died.
The culprit behind all this is the institute’s intelligent mastermind, the Red Queen!
“Human and Intelligent”
When Jia Haoren was halfway through his words, his heart suddenly trembled and he looked at the screen in horror:
“Depend on!”
at the same time.
Jia Haoren next to him, as well as the entire audience in the theater, trembled subconsciously when the picture suddenly appeared on the screen!
I saw only a pool.
A certain female corpse suddenly opened its eyes!
The faces of all the audience members changed drastically, and some of the timid ones even turned pale!
“Scared to death!”
“The female corpse suddenly opened her eyes, and with the music, it was simply creepy!”
“Is this female corpse the zombie in the movie?”