had a beer belly and was wearing a formal suit that was difficult to button, with a smile on his face.

The interview begins.
The reporter asked He Dajun: “How do you evaluate Shadow?”
He Dajun’s smile disappeared: “Junior, Shadow is a very powerful junior.”
younger generation?
This emphasis is significant.
“heard about it.”
“Then have you seen “King of the Net”?”
He Dajun’s face was expressionless.
The reporter made trouble: “Can I hear your evaluation of this work?”
He Dajun rarely smiled and even gave a thumbs up and praised:
“The plot setting is very exciting!”
The reporter’s expression became strange. Is the plot exciting?
Who doesn’t know that the plot of “King of Internet” was created by Chu Kuang?
If you don’t mention the painting, just mention the plot, it’s hard not to make people think too much.
“What do you think about the popularity of “Net King”?”
/“Forefathers planted trees for future generations to enjoy the shade. In fact, I am very happy. Our older generation of cartoonists have opened up fertile soil for sports comics, and younger generations like Shadow have planted towering trees in the soil we have created. , they have the best creative environment, which our older generation cannot envy, but fortunately we have made our due contributions!”
/That’s what I said.
He Dajun’s face suddenly became solemn: “It’s purely about creating sports and competitive comics. I’m not afraid of anyone since I debuted. And if it specifically concerns basketball, I can even tell you that!”
The reporter subconsciously said: “What?”
He Dajun spread his hands slightly to both sides, and then one hand seemed to be holding something:
“No one knows basketball comics better than me!”
The reporter seemed to be shocked and took a step back slightly.
This momentum is scary.
But He Dajun is indeed qualified to say so.
No matter how controversial the outside world is, He Dajun is unrivaled in comics related to the sport of basketball!
When Lingkong heard these words, he suddenly became proud:
Ling Kong is very photogenic.
In front of the camera.
He is handsome and personable, smiling at the camera:
“This one means both the pioneer and the most influential one. “Basketball Fire” has become the memory of a generation, but the new generation of comic fans and animation fans need new stories, and this is the responsibility of Mr. He Dajun’s new comics. responsibilities and obligations.”
He Dajun became serious:
Lingkong next to him spoke:
“So I love basketball, and I also love teacher He Dajun’s works. I hope everyone can feel this love for basketball, and then pay attention to our grand launch of “Heart of Basketball”!”
The music arranged by the organizer in advance is up!
The two sang together, pushing the atmosphere of the press conference to a climax!
“He Dajun is awesome!”
“He is truly the pioneer of sports comics!”
“That’s so good!”
“Forefathers planted trees and others will enjoy the shade. The reader base of sports comics was established by He Dajun. In the era