rature are all important carriers of art.

“Tomorrow we’ll see if there are any channels for gaining reputation. In addition, I guess I’ll have to learn electronic painting, a professional level painting skill. It shouldn’t be difficult to combine it with technology.”
The system gave Lin Yuan professional-level painting skills.
However, some paintings must be completed using electronic tools. This part of the technology is not given to Lin Yuan by the system and needs to be learned by Lin Yuan himself.
In the next few days, Lin Yuan was looking for ways to gain reputation in painting while he was in class.
First, pass the opening of the art exhibition.
Organizing an art exhibition requires someone to sponsor it. A small painter like Lin Yuan who has no works or reputation will not be sponsored by a fool.
As for self-pay?
Lin Yuan will never hold an art exhibition at his own expense in this life.
The second step is to find someone to guide you. Having a well-known painter in the industry to guide you can save you a lot of detours, but Lin Yuan doesn’t know such a painter.
Excluding these two channels, the solution Lin Yuan can think of is:
Earn the reputation points provided by students like Qin Yi first.
/Qin Yi is so big that it may have the basis to provide a thousand reputation points, so first let’s see if there are any places in the school that can gain reputation points for painting.
After Lin Yuan’s investigation, he discovered that the school had such a thing as a painting club.
Joining the painting club may give you some opportunities to gain prestige. Anyway, what a school like Qin Yi doesn’t lack most is various clubs.
Sports include basketball clubs, football clubs and even hip-hop clubs, etc.
In the arts category, there are also piano clubs, painting clubs, calligraphy clubs, poetry clubs, etc.
The scale of these clubs is very large, because Qinyi itself is an art college with related majors.
However, Lin Yuan, a student of the music department, had little contact with other majors. The only person he knew well outside the music department was Jian Jian, a student of the performance department, who had nothing to do with painting or anything like that.
no way.
He could only simply come to the painting club’s office and submit his application for membership.
“Do you have any painting foundation?”
/The school’s large clubs are supported by the school and have dedicated offices. They usually have members from the clubs in charge, similar to the student union.
After Lin Yuan explained his purpose, he was interrogated as expected.
Lin Yuan answered affirmatively.
The other party looked at Lin Yuan’s information: “You are a music student. Most of the people in our club are art students.”
“Are there any restrictions?”
“There are no restrictions. It’s just that if you don’t have professional advantages, it may not be easy to get along in the club. After all, our club has many great masters in the painting department. We can also organize external events such as student works exhi