“Lord Gould, please accept this identity card. You are also involved in tracking the fifth-level bishop!” David casually threw the identity card to Lord Gould and said.

“I’m not welcome. I will give you all the merit you exchanged!” Lord Gould knew what David meant and accepted it without refusing.
Lord Gould is participating in the competition for Speaker of the Supreme Council. Although he has many supporters, there are also several serious competitors.
David handed the identity card to Lord Gould, which meant that half of the credit for killing the fifth-level bishop was shared with Lord Gould.
As long as David said it was a joint killing, the others would not be able to refute this matter.
And with this great achievement, Lord Gould’s reputation will greatly increase, and some neutral MPs will also turn to support him.
You must know that fifth-level bishops have always been a stubborn disease in the divine world. It is extremely difficult to kill a fifth-level bishop. The survivability of a fifth-level bishop is extremely strong.
The believers of the evil god who do not have strong survivability will all die before reaching level five.
/The two handed over an event that could shock the world of gods right in front of everyone, shocking everyone present.
After knowing the terrifying strength shown by Lord Arthur in killing the fifth-level bishop, and seeing the friendship between Lord Arthur and Lord Gould, the allies who were originally united by the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ , but at this time there was a new reason to unite them.
After Lord Arthur became a fifth-level Templar, he immediately killed a fifth-level bishop. Such a record was respectable enough. Having such strength among the allies also gave all the allies peace of mind.
“Ahead is the planting area of ??’Heartwort’!” At this time, they came to the sky above a lake, and David pointed to the lake below and said.
Everyone lowered their height and saw that there were indeed ‘Heart-warming lotus leaves’ floating on the lake, and some ‘Heart-warming lotus flowers’ were in bloom.
“This output is higher than that of Qianya Lake!” Lord Gould said with eyes shining.
There is no need to compare carefully, just look at the area of ??the lake and the ‘Heart-warming Lotus’ that is obviously denser than the surface of Qinya Lake.
/“In terms of planting, the Interstellar Federation has special methods!” David said quite proudly.
Lord Arthur used a lot of Interstellar Federation technology on Garmi. This matter was not a secret in the noble circle, and no one was surprised.
“It seems that the ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ will no longer be stressful in the future!” A fifth-level Templar said with a smile.
‘Heartwarming Lotus Seed Soup’ has a very obvious effect on the fifth-level Templars, but the output has always been a problem. This has also caused the increase in the number of fifth-level Templars in Lord Gould’s alliance of forces, and the monthly distribution The ‘Heart-warming Lotus Seed Soup’ in the hands of the fifth-level Templars