he past, the Old Snail City might not be able to withstand the poisonous energy, so how could he be his opponent!

Moreover, the original intention of the leader of Wu Jin was just to get a little advantage by plucking the hair of Yan Guo. He thought that he no longer had any face. Chu Weiyang always had to worry about some face, so he could no longer compete with him for something he had nothing to do with. , so Chu Weiyang got the ancient treasure, and he got the king Gu. Everyone was happy.
But Zhenzhen never thought that the explosion of Chu Wei’s Yang Qi and its implication were so tyrannical that it was almost beyond the imagination of the leader of Wu Jin!
Up to this moment, even the great monks from various sects who were watching had only belatedly realized. It seemed that everyone was prepared to get along with Chu Weiyang’s peers, but they had never thought carefully about Chu Weiyang in the past. Weiyang, how do you get along with your peers!
He is a monster who has been attacking and winning all the way in his generation!
Now that King Gu is dead and the place is in a mess, who should he blame?
“Friend Daoist Chu, fellow daoist Chu, it’s all a misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding!”
Until the slightly embarrassed voice of Master Wu Jin sounded, his panic words alone proved that he still had not been able to figure out what exactly had angered Chu Weiyang.
The king Gu itself is not important.
Taiyin Youbing is not worthy of anything.
It is not unforgivable to discuss the return of property to its original owner based on the reasons for the twilight zone.
/But when it all comes together.
The leader of Wu Jin used the most inappropriate method at the most inappropriate time to destroy Chu Weiyang’s all thoughts of revenge.
Those were the thoughts that had supported Chu Weiyang in going through difficulties and hardships for a long time, even if he was faltering.
At first it was just a hazy shadow, but as hatred and hardship accumulated, the phantom itself began to become real, with causes and consequences, a detailed process and a real spiritual picture.
Everything seems to be planted from a seed in Chu Weiyang’s Taoist heart. The Taoist’s mind and thoughts and all his thoughts are used as rain to water it. Finally, it takes root and sprouts, and grows in the wilderness.
/What really makes Chu Weiyang happy is that with the improvement of his cultivation realm, his cultivation progress is still steadily improving after Chu Weiyang enters the golden elixir realm.
The thoughts of revenge in this issue are all likely to be realized by Chu Weiyang step by step.
But at this moment, everything came to an abrupt end.
From now on, Chu Weiyang can still accumulate and improve his strength, and one day he can still have the ability to fully revenge and settle all the causes and effects of the past.
But when the time comes, everything will no longer be a complete reproduction of his past thoughts, and the veins that took root and grew wildly in his mind will no longer be fully reflected in the