Audience excited discussion!

Lin Yuan studied dance at Xingmang, and the dance was posted online by Xingmang before the concert.
Many people at the scene have seen the video.
Xianyu’s dance practice made many people laugh.
This is why everyone wants Xianyu to dance.
/For nothing else.
/Just for fun.
It’s a little joke with my idol.
Front row.
Jian Yi covered her mouth and laughed: “Xia Fan is so bad!”
The celebrity next to him also laughed: “Win the bamboo shoots!”
Zheng Jingwaner: “I think you are deliberately trying to embarrass Xiao Yu’er.”
Yin Dong said humorously: “Singing is not a problem for him, so he can only start with dancing.”
Yang Zhongming smiled and rubbed his head.
There was a joyful atmosphere in the audience.
Amid the laughter of the audience, Lin Yuan suddenly lowered his head and placed his hand gently on his hat.
Can you believe that he is still showing off?
This initial movement is really exciting.
The audience laughed even louder.
The more serious Xianyu is, the more interesting everyone finds it.
Why make it so formal?
Do you really think we haven’t seen the video of you practicing dancing with your hands and feet?
at this time.
Music starts.
Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Yuan moved!
he is moving forward
He’s moving backwards! ! !
Why? ?
The fish is obviously walking, but the person is moving backwards! ?
This action completely changes the behavior of ordinary people! !
this moment!
All laughter is silenced!
The audience at the scene was stunned!
It was like someone was grabbing my throat, and goosebumps instantly covered my whole body!
It’s like a chain reaction!
Hundreds of thousands of eyes in the audience were frozen!
next moment!
All the audience fell into unprecedented madness!
A series of straight gazes, without daring to blink, as if they were afraid of missing the scene in front of them!
The scream reached the highest decibel tonight!
Audiences at East Station:
“What’s this!”
“How did he do it!”
“What the hell kind of dance is this!”
Western audience:
“It’s like walking on the moon!”
“I’m dying!”
Audience on the south side.
“Is this a new dance?”
“Never seen that before!”
“So perverted!”
“Is Xianyu still a human?”
Audience from North Station:
“Did my eyes get dazzled?”
“I also doubt my eyes!”
“Is this a real dance?”
“Are you sure there are no special effects?”
“Oh my God!!!”
It’s boiling!
The scene looked like a nuclear explosion had occurred!
Zheng Jing was stunned.
Yang Zhongming was confused.
The singers of Fish Dynasty were also confused.
The hair on the head of the 100,000 spectators on all sides of the stage was going crazy!
Everyone is confused!
Everyone’s scalp is numb!
One hundred thousand people at the scene fell into complete madness!
Someone stood up!
The audience for the blockbuster movie stood up!
All the shots on the scene burst into action!
The reactions of this group of people were more exaggerated than the other